Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am interested in knowing others' progress that have an underactive thyroid and currently taking synthroid. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid many years ago (really have no clue how many). Your TSH levels should be approximately .5 to 5.0, depending on who you ask. When I was first tested years ago, my number was in the 90s, obviously a problem so they put me on Synthroid. I am still not at the correct dosage. I had a blood test the other day and they are upping it again. I am now up to .175. Now, I know I can't blame all my weight issues (if any) on my thyroid but those of you that do suffer from an underactive thyroid, do you find that it is more difficult for you to lose weight? or do you find that you just lose slower? or do you find that it doesn't bring you any challenges? If it does bring you challenges, what have you done to overcome them?

I had written a whole other paragraph whining about comparing my efforts with others and me not seeing as dramatic of results and realized that I shouldn't post that. This isn't about anyone else, it is about me and that's my biggest challenge is not comparing my success to others. We all lose weight at different speeds, mine unfortunately tends to be on the extremely slow side. I will do this and I will learn to accept whatever the scale says. I will continue working to a healthier lifestyle and not look to the scale for my validation (at least going to try). Maybe if I repeat those to myself each day, I can accept it.


Felicia said...

Its not a bad thing to whine about what is bugging us. Its a bad thing to ingore it. You are facing it and doing it head on and that is half the battle. Your right we all lose at different rates and no matter what we still want to be the one that loses the fastest lol. Its ok to be upset as long as it doesnt change your focus. You are doing it. You are losing it. You will succeed!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Honi said...

whining is fine but its better when you realize that this is for your life... not just for the moment .. an occasional whine is a good thing..

Heather said...

well I dont know anything about the thyroid, but I do know you are very smart when you say that you shouldnt compare yourself to anyone else. if its anything I have learned, its that. I started off wanting to lose big numbers or the 2 pounds a week. but my body isnt like that and while it took a while to get that, I finally did and now I accept what it does because no one else is like me so I shouldnt expect to lose like anyone else. neither should you! I think you are doing great.

40 by 40 said...

I had an underactive thyroid..When I go to the dr. they feel it and test my blood and only 2 x have I been prescribed meds. Once was a few years ago. I went to a dr and he told he it would help with the weight loss..but I didn't change my eating habits and stayed the same. I changed dr.s and was off synthoid for a few years. Over the summer, I went to the obgyn. She felt my neck, tested my blood and called a few days later with the report that my levels were off. I have been on synthroid for a few months now.I am on 50 mcg. I wish I could tell you my levels, but I can't locate them. To be honest, I didn't feel much different after starting. I stillmaintained and even gained weight. I was still tired and dragging. ..but those are due to my life style..I was eating terribly, not exercising and sleeping too few hours. I have been eating well for 2 weeks now..and have been steadily losing...not sure if the syth. is helping or not. I do feel really good though. I haven't begun exercising yet, so maybe once I get into a routine,I can give you a better answer. Keep doing what you are doing for this challenge..and see if it helps. I don't know if I have always had the tyr. issue but I have always been over weight--but that's due to really bad eating habits.

Lauren said...

where can we whine if not our blogs. Just wanted to say hello and keep up with the great work.