Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Happy

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I am not happy this morning. Today, is my weigh in and I gained 4 lbs. So everytime I have said I can't eat my flex points or "bank", I have been right. I ate them last week. I also never got to the gym because of the hours I was working so I am not happy! This week is going to be another long week but somehow I am going to have to find a way to get to the gym because 4 lb gain in one week is just not acceptable!

I hope the Scale Gods were better to everyone else.


Katschi said...

Well, crap!
Try not to let your 'happiness' be ruled by the number...I know we all do it, though. If you know you're going to have a busy week, can you cook ahead some meals that are healthy for yourself?
Could you be happy with maybe a few walks instead of having to spend time at the gym, knowing you're going to have a long week?
It sounds like you know some steps to take to turn it around. And it can't be a 'true' 4 lbs either. You'd've had to have eaten a ton of food for that to happen. These times are the most frustrating but also the best times to steel yourself against the obstacles.
I'm not doing well with the scale at all for different reasons. I'm focusing on eating well though and trying to ignore the numbers and trying not to base my mood on them. If I do, I'll throw in the towel.
Be well and move forward :)

Thinking Thin said...

Last week, I did bring my food and still stayed on plan just ate my flex points which I have learned not to do in the past. However, when I have to implement new software for my job it ends up being 15 hour days so it really makes it difficult to get any exercise in. I am hoping that I can at least get to the gym a couple of times this week. I know Wednesday will probably be a bad day because it will be another 15 hour day plus the two hours spent driving to/from work.

If anything this "gain" has made me all the more focused and determined.

Manuela said...

Aw, no other way to say it--"THAT SUCKS!"

I know exactly how you're feeling. We are such slaves to those scales. I know that if I eat my exercise points or extra points I will usually stay the same or experience a small gain, ESPECIALLY if I don't get in any exercise.

Can't remember--are you attending WW or doing it on your own? Do you get weighed Saturdays?

Lots of questions I know. If you'd like to, email me with questions. I went through it all :)

Lynn said...

Completely can relate... I had a .4 pound gain this week, after doing all my exercising and not eating my WPA except for maybe 2-3 points of it. GRRRR. Why do they give you the WPA if you can't eat them?

Heather said...

sorry to hear about your weighin! that sounds like a fluke..did you have anything salty or higher in sodium last night? how is your water consumption? TOM around the corner? I bet somethings going on that is more than just the scale.

I know when I did WW, if I ate my flex, I usually maintained. however, I definitely went into starvation mode eating just the points each day because that is so few calories. so I ask, how are you filling up those flex? if you are using them on sweet treats, why not try to fill them up with more veggies and fruits and see if that makes a difference. somtimes we just think, ok we have 35 flex pts to use however we want, and then we dont make the best choices. just because we have some "Freedom" to eat more doesnt mean that those should be bad choices.

Thinking Thin said...

TOM is around the corner so that probably contributes to some of it. I have found that I always gain that week.

Heather, you asked how I fill up the flex. Normally, I don't. This was the first week that I ate any of my flex points. Most of the flex points was due to me having to eat out and when I did eat out I did choose what I thought would be healthy alternatives. I have never been much of a sweets eater so that definitely isn't the problem. I think it is because I ate most of my flex points and didn't get to the gym at all last week. I am ok started a new week and it will come back off.