Monday, March 3, 2008

Healthy You Check In

As I told you last week, it has been a busy week implementing some new software in my office so I haven't been able to blog much less visit you guys so I apologize. I will try to get to all of you today. If I don't, I hope all is well.

I will be traveling a lot over the next month so I am a little scared. It is so much easier to control what goes in my body when I am the one making it. I am going to have to try really, really hard to just eat salads or something. So may the force be with me :).

Now, onto my update.

Things I did right this week:
1. Drank my water (tea, actually)
2. Ate more vegetables
3. I went to the Renaissance Faire and didn't get the cheesecake on the stick, or the fried oreos, or the fried twinkies, or the corn dogs.
4. After eating what I did at the Ren Faire, I did try to watch other things I ate that day.

Things I did not do right this week:
1. I did not journal every day.
2. I went to the Renaissance Faire and got some of the those awesome baked sugary nuts and tempura vegetables and I did not journal them.
3. I did not get to the gym as often as I should have. Yes, there were days I just could not go but there were two other days that I could have gone.

So.....last week I gained those 4 lbs and was a bit aggravated by body decided to do me proud this week. I am down 5!


Lynn said...

GREAT job! it's always nice when your body decides to throw off whatever fat it's retaining...

I think you did great. Faire food is the king of evil, and I'm not sure I'd have been able to resist a cheesecake on a stick (because everything tastes better ON A STICK).

You know, that's an idea. Maybe I'll make some vegetable skewers!

Ready to Shrink said...

You go girl! Great job!

Mom23QTs said...

Keep your head up! One thing thats great in the car is to make a salad "roll up" because you don't need a fork! Take a big piece of lettuce and put everything you'd put in a salad in it and roll them up like burritos! Good luck with the HY challenge!

RunningNan said...

It's a good thing that you know what you did and did not do! Good for you!

Hanlie said...

That's a great loss! Well done!

Manuela said...

That's awesome! Especially when you went to the Faire. Even though you had some treats they don't sound too bad.

I need to get to the Michigan Renaissance Festival this fall.

Keep up the good work and good luck with your travelling.

Heather said...

fantastic!! glad to hear you were down, and you did some fantastic things this week. keep it up!