Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Size 12, a plus size?

I was looking for the virtual model today so I could see a picture of "me" at different weights and I found this article.

Top Plus-Sized Model
Submitted by Meg Wilson on Mon, 2008-03-03 05:54.

Crystal Renn is the world's top plus-size model today. She's a size 12 (size 16 in the UK). She now works for Ford Models and her current contracts include Saks Fifth Avenue, D&G and Nine West. She's done several Vogue spreads as well. The photo on the left is from her new campaign for Evans. The photo on the right is her at a dangerously skinny stage at age 16.

Crystal Renn struggled with anorexia when she was 16 but crossed a turning point before she became really ill by refusing to continue to adhere to the demands of her modeling agency.
See her plus-sized modeling story at the Telegraph.....

Plus size, you kidding me?! A size 12? I would kill to be a size 12 and will be quite content there but some of the world would still consider me plus size at that point? Are they insane? No wonder, teenagers have such horrible body image issues. The modeling/fashion industry basically are saying that size 12 is fat. *sticks middle finger up at the modeling industry (there I feel much better now).


Felicia said...

That is messed up if its true. I DREAM of being in a 12. I cant imagine ever thinking of that size as a plus.

Hope you have a SUPER day!

Heather said...

wow that is crazy! I am a size 14 hoping to get into 12, and its kind of sad that is still considered to be plus size.

that girl does not look plus size, or a size 12.

Cammy said...

Well shoot. I just got to 12 and made a post about how I was out of plus sizes. Now I'm back in? These people kill me.

And thank you for sharing the story, because I'm fired up enough to do my exercises now. :)

Manuela said...

I hate when I see stories like this. Women tend to get stuck on certain numbers. I used to think that I needed to weigh a certain amount to be happy.

That's no longer true. I realize that as I'm getting older my body shape is changing. I'm fortunate that I carry my weight well and don't have to focus on one area. Go to my blog and I'll share a story about the kind of attitude some people have.

Hanlie said...

My goal weight is the same as yours and I think I'll probably be a UK size 16 by then... in other words a size 12. The can kiss my skinny ass, because at that weight and wearing that size, I won't be plus size either!

You're right, of course. I don't give a flying continental what the number on the label says, maybe because so many of my clothes are custom made, but there are a lot of young girls out there for whom it does matter. They don't realize that the goalposts keep on moving...and that is sad!

RunningNan said...

I hardly think a size 12 is plus size. I have spent most of my life as a 12, and it is the first size that is always missing from the racks. I've managed to make my way to a 10, but I can still fluctuate. I actually thought I made it into the 10's because they just resized everything and made them bigger. It would be interesting to have kept an old pair of size 12 jeans from many years ago and see if they snugly fit now.

Manuela said...


Manufacturers have definitely resized clothing, I think to suit a larger clientele. I have an old skirt from about 10 years ago that I recently dug out. It's a size 12 and looks TINY compared to my size 10. I've found that with other things.

Of course, certain designers have different sizings. Conspiracy? Maybe not but, it's an interesting thing to think about :)

Chubby Chick said...

That is just ridiculous! Size 12 is healthy... it's normal. I think that if I were a size 12, I would honestly feel anorexic! lol

Manuela said...

Hey, miss seeing you! Hope that work has settled somewhat and not stressing you out. Boo--wouldn't it be nice to not have to work for a living?