Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PMS, Eating, Cravings, Oh My!

Last week, I was bloated and felt very fat. This week, the cravings are out of control. I had a craving for chocolate. I am not a chocolate eater. Last night, it was pizza. I tried fighting it but the pizza won...I am trying to quit smoking too *sigh. There are times that I just feel ravenous that week that Aunt Flo, Mother Nature, TOM, or whatever you want to call it comes to visit. I am not normally moody, I am one of those emotional ones. I am not sure what is worse, a bitch from hell or someone that cries for absolutely no good reason. The sky is blue...waaaaa, waaaaaa. I am super, super sensitive at least one day a month and quite frankly it really pisses me You could look at me the wrong way or even the right way, I might cry. Anyway, I digress.

9 out of 10 times, I will gain the week prior or the week of my period and always lose it the following week. I have been ravenous and I have heard others complain about the same thing so I decided to do a little research. I have heard that your metabolism is higher at this time but is it really true? Hmm...let's see what I found.

  1. PMS and menstrual cramping are not diseases, but rather, symptoms of poor nutrition. Hmm, another good reason for us to eat better!
  2. One type of PMS is characterized by anxiety, irritability and mood swings. These feelings are usually relieved with the onset of bleeding. Most likely, this type relates to the balance between estrogen and progesterone. If estrogen predominates, anxiety occurs. If there's more progesterone, depression may be a complaint. Ahh, so that's the problem!

I am not finding anything that says our metabolism speeds up (darn it!). It's got to, right? I am feeling really guilty about that pizza last night, I think I am going to cry (just kidding)...hehe.

Erin left me a comment about a video on another blog, The Weighting Game, so I posted here in case you don't get to the other blog. The post and the video was quite amusing! I think I am the one with the cake.


Jim Purdy said...

Obviously (since I'm male), I don't have those specific issues, but I can relate a little bit. Years ago, I would wake up in the morning already knowing what kind of a day I was going to have. Some mornings, I would wake up with a chip on my shoulder, ready to argue with anybody about anything. Other days, I would get up in an incredibly upbeat mood, and I knew that nothing could get me upset. Looking back, I suppose it must have been some kind of chemical or hormone imbalance. I never even mentioned it to a doctor, and whatever it was, it went away. Now I'm very even-tempered all the time, as in very relaxed all the time. Not ecstatic, but just calm and never inclined to get angry. It's kind of a good place to be. And, no, I've never used any kind of drugs that would have caused that. In fact, I generally refuse to take any kind of medications ... which does have psychological consequences: it drives my doctors crazy.

Erin said...

Oh lordy do I know what you mean. I used to have horrible PMS but when I had t-dogg (almost two years ago) I got an IUD and though it has some negative aspects I don't get PMS because TOM misses me except for every six months.

Its funny that you are talking about this when I was reading this have to watch the's absolutely hilarious. I bet I've watched it ten times since yesterday.

It's a good laugh and I think all of us ladies have some form of PMS

RunningNan said...

I wouldn't sweat the pizza... It's better to give in to the craving then eat 30 different things to try to quench it. You did the right thing!

Manuela said...

Oh, I laughed out loud!

This past month I made a conscious effort to watch what I was eating before and during. I even managed to get some exercise in and guess what--I only went up .5 on my second day. Usually I average 3-5 pounds and feel terrible.

I'm lucky because I'm regular like the clock so I'm going to try to see if it works next month. When I was eating junk my mood was horrible.

So, you ARE what you eat.

And you can have all the motivation you want from me--I'll totally cheer you on! (glad the pic is back ;) Also, what gal ISN'T A SUCKER FOR A COWBOOY!!!! Yee haw!

Hanlie said...

Ah, the photo is back due to blogger demand!

Food and exercise are so important for hormonal balance! And since the metabolism is controlled by the hormonal system, the balance also positively affects your metabolism...

WeightingGame said...

glad you found me! I love that video, too - so, so funny and true.

My fave treat for PMS chocolate cravings: Mix some brownie mix with just a few drops of water at a time until thick and batter-consistency and...enjoy! Don't judge me - it really is delicious!

Heather said...

I get the worst cravings before TOM too! I think that is a load of junk though about symptoms being caused by poor nutrition. if anything, I almost think my cramps have gotten worse since losing weight! PMS is actually a real medical condition too and is taken serious by many drs. not sure if you are on anything for it, but some birth control helps (I am on yaz and it helps for the most part those mood swings, etc.).

Cammy said...

A friend of mine highly recommnends an herbal remedy, cramp bark tea. You drink it the week before the scheduled event and it helps with the ugly side effects. At least, she swears it helps her. :)

Feel better soon!