Monday, May 26, 2008

Biggest Loser Challenge STARTS TODAY!

Today is the start of the Biggest Loser Challenge!

From those of you that have signed up I need your starting weights (please
verify that what I have is correct, as of this morning). Some of you have
said that you don't weigh yourself on Mondays. I don't see that as a
problem as long as you update me each week. If you do not weigh yourself
on Mondays, please just send me a comment of when you do, to remind

If I have missed anyone or anyone else wants to join the challenge please
comment me with your name, blog name and your starting weight and I will add you
to the list. Here is additional information regarding the challenge.

I am also joining in for the challenge but if by chance I do win, I will not
take the prize and will give it to the next in line. I will also be
updating more later but wanted to get this out there.


Today was my weigh-in and I have to say I am a bit frustrated. I have
been playing with those same pounds for months now and I still can't seem to
get past it. Hopefully, next week. I did get my new bike and I
like it :) I have been on it every night so far even if only for a couple
of minutes. Last night it was a game of Tetris and Blackjack.

Oh, and what happened to Blogger? I used to be able to edit my HTML here. *sigh


Crystal said...

good luck on your biggest loser challenge! i will be keeping tabs on you and the others to see how you're doing and offer support!

Fab Kate said...

OOPS! forgot to include my starting weight, and notice I had my graph up but not the actual number (silly me) I'm starting at 315.0 lbs

Lovebug6100 said...

My starting weight is 254. Thanks for letting me participate!! Please check out my summer blog party challenge too!!

RunningNan said...

I'm back up to 160.5. I'm frustrated like crazy today!

quarterlifegirl said...

I forgot to include my starting weight as well! Its 164 lbs as of yesterday.

I also noticed you linked correctly to my site, but gave it my other blogs name! lol. Its actually "Quarterlife Girl Gets Fit" (although thats a mouthful, so you can abbreviate if you want!)

luv said...

I really want to participate because I think it will keep me motivated. My blog is but my blog name is Fluffy Girl and my starting weight is 224.2. I hope I can join if it isn't too late please let me know. Thanks.

Manuela said...

Am excited about this challenge and wish everyone good luck (but more for me ;)!

Trish said...

Hi, I would like to join the biggest loser challenge please. My name is Trish, starting weight is 375.2 and my blog is

I do weigh in on Mondays!

Skinny Inside said...

Hi, I thought I emailed you my starting's 245. Thanks for your comment, maybe someday I'll be able to put up those pictures, but for now, I will look at them and contemplate a bit more.