Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fixing the innards one day at a time...

Yesterday, I was reading Fat Bridesmaid's post about not wanting to go to the gym but she did anyway and pushed herself. It inspired me. It inspired me so much, I challenged her to an hour last night. She accepted that challenge. By the way, I don't like calling her Fat Bridesmaid so from here on out, it's FB.

If it wouldn't have been for this challenge, I probably still would have gone to the gym but I probably wouldn't have pushed myself so hard, so thanks FB.

I have read that you're body burns energy from two different energy sources, glycogen and fat. It must burn an adequate amount from your glycogen stores before burning from your fat stores. weight training burns primarily glycogen in your body, and cardio burns primarily fat (of course, this information varies depending on who you ask). Based on that information, I started out with the weights. I am not comfortable yet to wander into the guys' realm of free weights so I work on the machines. Maybe when I don't feel like the fat chick, I will wander over there but until then it's the machines.

I ended up doing 25 minutes of weight training on my arms, while occasionally catching glimpses of the eye candy to the left of me. Of course, I have to admit the eye candy has been degrading lately. There was one man that I used to see there...oh my. That's all I can say is OH MY. Anyway, I digress.

25 minutes down, need at least 35 more. Ughh, I didn't want to but I forged ahead. Most of the cardio equipment is full. There are a couple of treadmills open and an elliptical. I am afraid of the elliptical. Yes, literally afraid. I have been on it once when I first joined the gym and I didn't like it. It seemed really hard on the knees. I don't know what the resistance was set at but I didn't want to look like a baffoon messing around with it so have never tried it again. Someday. The Cybex if you know what those are, kick my ass. Again, I haven't been on it since the day I joined because that day I thought you were going to have to get me a body bag after 5 minutes. Again, someday.

I grabbed a treadmill. This treadmill faces the window so I can look out at the pool. Ahh, I would much rather be in that pool instead of sweating like a hog on the treadmill. About 7 minutes into it, I notice this girl and guy walk by the pool. She is much younger than me. I would probably guess she was around 18 maybe. I couldn't help but stare at her. I would guesstimate her height to be around 5'5 and about 300 pounds, probably more. She was wearing a bathing suit that wasn't very flattering. I thought to myself, "Wow, I wish I had the courage like that to walk around in front of strangers in my bathing suit". That thought quickly turned to pity. I wanted to tell her to come inside and get on a treadmill. I wondered about her story. Had she always been overweight? Had she tried dieting? Did she even care? Or is she one of the lucky ones that has a high self esteem and is happy with their body exactly the way it is?

I hated the treadmill. I watch every minute on the clock. This girl in the swimming suit offered extra incentive to me to keep going. I even added another .1 mph to my speed. I was going to stop at 10 minutes, but forced myself to go 15. Then, off to the bikes.

I decided that I would use the recumbant bike instead of the stationary. The recumbant really kills my feet, I'm not sure why. I would, probably normally use it as an excuse to stop but I didn't. I was determined to get to that 60 minutes if it killed me. 23 minutes later, I stumbled off the recumbant bike feeling wonderful about the fact that I just made it 63 minutes! What an awesome feeling of accomplishment!

I can't help but to think about swimsuit girl and how she got to where she is. We all have our stories, some started from the day we entered this world. Other stories have started after childbirth. Some just started. We can't change the beginning chapters of our stories, but we can change the future chapters. Only we can change our stories, no one else.

I know how mine will continue. I will continue to do my best to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I know I won't be perfect all the time and I will accept that without guilt. I know the scale is not always going to show me what I want to see (it didn't again this morning, piece of #*$) and I will accept that and not give up.

Do you know how your story will continue?

A couple more things:

Don't forget, Monday marks the start of the Summer Blog Party and my Biggest Loser Challenge.

Check this out: Here is a picture at my highest weight about a year ago....289. It's a horrible picture but I had to show you this.

Now, check out my virtual weight loss of 50 lbs. Cool, huh? Here is the link to do it yourself.


Cammy said...

Amazing, awesome progress! Your arms and middle are where I see it most. Way to go!

RunningNan said...

I too was kicked in the ass by FB. She sat on my shoulder while busting through my second work out. We should all make challenges every day!

Thinking Thin said...

Cammy, I wish that was my progress but that is a virtual weight loss so you can get an idea of what you might look like.

MaryFran said...

Great job at the gym! Give the elliptical a chance. I like you was afraid of it at first. Start slowly and keep adding to your time. (my husband calls it the instrument of death). After I got used to it...I feel in love with the elliptical!

dadivastreet said...

Way to go on the exercise! Thanks for the link! I'm going to see what I could look like & print a pix to help keep me on track!

Big Girl said...

Great job on hitting it hard at the gym.

I don't know how my story will end but I know how I want it to end.

Thanks for the link, I'm going to go check it out.

Scale Junkie said...

The girl in the swimsuit has probably just reached the point where she said eff it and went for it, maybe she has already lost 100 pounds and is feeling strong and confident?

Great job finding inspiration and really pushing yourself! It sounds like FB has been inspiring all of us to really push ourselves harder. If my sinus headache ever goes away I'm going to start pushing too!

We need to grab on tight to this desire to PUSH ourselves and keep PUSHING each other!

Crystal said...

That is so great that you stuck with your exercise at the gym and made 63 minutes, good for you!

I also avoid the free weights cuz I always think the guys are watching my form and there is just too much intimidation there. Maybe someday, right?

Heather said...

good for you for getting in that gym despite not really wanting to go and pushing yourself. and you look fantastic! what a difference in your stomach.

carla said...

love FB

also dont love her name...using it I mean. Im gonna follow suit and initialize.

Go you on the exercise---youll be at the virtual after pic in no time.


Byron Nichols said...

Hi! You don't know me but I found your blog using while doing a Google search for CYBEX. I am the Territory Manager for CYBEX in south Texas and Louisiana. I imagine the CYBEX piece you were on was the Arc Trainer which some call it the torture trainer :-)!

I love your blog and I am very happy for the commitment and dedication you have towards your weight loss. I will be pulling and praying for you! I will check in periodically to check your progress.

Trish said...

Way to go on the exercise! That's awesome! I'm afraid to go to a gym. I sometimes do the treadmill where I work (it's a small exercise room that's always empty) but mostly I just walk outside. But I digress, I just wanted to offer a tip that I use. When I walk on the treadmill I cover the displays (clocks) with my towel and just start walking. By the time I take a look, more time has always past then I think. Anyway, silly little thing, but it works for me.