Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am so tired lately, I don't know what my problem is. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning to go to work (nothing unusual, there) and am ready to go to bed as soon as I get home. I have not made it to the gym at all this week. Even now, I feel like I could sleep for 10 hours and it is almost 8:30a and I have been up for over 2 hours.

I said a few days ago or a week ago that my head was back in it. I don't think it is. I am still struggling with journaling, making the right choices, drinking my water, but really my biggest problem is exercising. I have done nothing! Eating right will not show me losses. I have found in the past I have to be diligent with both, to see the numbers and for whatever reason my motivation has slipped. Let me clarify a little, the motivation is there but the energy to follow through is not. Does that make any sense or am I just babbling?

I think it boils down to breakfast for me. If I have a decent breakfast, I think I can make it through the day. I bought bananas, orange juice, activa crap, frozen pineapple to make a smoothie for breakfast each morning. Well, the problem is I currently have a roommate and I can't run the blender in the morning. I decided I would make it the night before and this morning it was just yucky!! So unless I can make the smoothies at work, that is a no go. I need something that I can take on the go. I hate oatmeal. I am so picky that it causes me a lot of grief in trying to find something I will eat. My next thing to try is making my own egg sandwich at home the night before. The trick will be figuring out a way to keep the toast crispy. Any suggestions for breakfast would be great!

Some of you knew that I had thoughts about starting a challenge, I haven't given up on that (it will help keep me motivated). In fact, I decided that I should start the challenge the same time that Scale Junkie does hers. So while we are having fun with hers, we will also be making progress for our very own Biggest Loser Challenge. I haven't decided on prizes yet, it will be a surprise. If you want additional information, please click on the the button to the right.


Manuela said...

I've never had activa crap--is it good? Ha, ha.

Breakfast for me is very important. The key is to have some protein in it, be it an egg, lean turkey, cereal. This morning I made french toast from raisin bread and with my coffee that came to 5.5 pts (I do WW). Then I'll have a piece of fruit (lately it's been oranges), lunch, another snack, dinner, and a snack in the evening. I'm also getting more fiber so I'm full longer.

Too bad about the roomie--you're very considerate!

Cammy said...

For ease, I sometimes do a simple cheese sandwich for breakfast, with a banana chaser. Or Luna Bar or Fiber One. Or a couple of boiled eggs and fruit. Something easy to grab and go.

Hope you find your mojo soon!

Scale Junkie said...

Yogurt and fruit, cereal and milk. I also make crustless quiche, I make it in a glass pie pan and cut it into wedges and reheat it in the microwave. The protein from the eggs and cheese keeps you full. It makes four servings so thats breakfast for four days.

Scale Junkie said...

As usual I got so excited to post about FOOD that I forgot to address everything else: I think the tired is coming from the change in weather over the past week, I'm just dragging too.

Next week I'm going to ask people to submit their ideas for the summer party so map out a time frame for your challenge and come up with some rules or instructions for everyone who wants to sign up or participate. I'm going to ask everyone to have their ideas to me by May 23rd so I can make up a little schedule so we can spread out the prizes and festivities.

Crystal said...

I love the activia crap, it tastes so smooth and creamy to me. I, too, have to eat breakfast to have any energy throughout the day. I do a healthy cereal or a smoothie, sometimes I do hard-boiled eggs and fruit. Hopefully you can fit something in so you get the energy you need to make it through the busy day.

This may just be an off week for you. Sounds like you really want to do the work but are just tuckered out this week. Could be your body is finally recovering from the stresses you had last week. Try not to let it get you down and see if you can do even 20-30 minutes of walking just to get some exercise in.

Hope next week is better ;)