Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5,499, 983 activity points earned in one day...

I love you guys. Thank you for the supporting comments from yesterday's post. I actually kind of feel bad now writing about it. I really don't think the person was intending to sound the way it was perceived and I definitely don't want to make her feel like she isn't welcome here (because she is). Mean people do suck, but I don't believe this person intentionally fits in that category. I think she is probably like the rest of us out here in blog world just looking for support from fellow women to achieve a common goal. Just for the record, if someone was truly mean, without any doubt, in an email I wouldn't hesitate to post their name here :). So with that said, it's over..I'm moving on.

Habitat for Humanity. Ever done it? You should! If you are not familiar with it, it is a non-profit organization that builds houses for needy families, usually single moms. The houses are built by volunteers and the person receiving the house does pay a "mortgage" at 0% interest for the cost of the house which is substantially cheaper because much of the labor is done through volunteer work. They also have to put in a minimum of 300 hours on their house or another habitat house. This was my first time and despite the work, I would probably go back (probably not during the summer). In reality, it was an easier day than I expected. I was expecting us to be hanging drywall or something.

It is very fulfilling and tiring. I am beat. How many activity points do you get for laying sod in 92 degree weather? It was a group effort today with 6 other co-workers. It was a lot of fun but I am still feeling it today. I installed door stops, door handles, laid sod, planted bushes around the a/c unit, cleaned out the supervisors' storage unit (men are pigs, ya know), moved all materials from one storage unit to another storage unit, installed all of the window screens, sweeped, and did other "clean up chores" as the house was finished. The occupant will be moving in next week. In fact, the supervisor told us we were the first group to finish his to do list in a very long time.

<----- Do you see something wrong with the picture? hehe

Needless to say, I did not go to the gym yesterday.


Scale Junkie said...

What a cute little house and what a good deed you've done! I'm so proud of you but seriously, next time, volunteer in the WINTER!! LOL Man was it hot yesterday!

RunningNan said...

We did a habitat house but instead of building one, we fixed an old one up for an elderly couple. It was a lot of fun. I would love to volunteer to help build them. I wonder if they do a lot of that around me. The house is really cute too. I'm sure it was hot down there, it was almost 90 up here again. Next week we are getting a cool down soon!

carla said...

not sure about the activity points but the GOOD KARMA POINTS?


Manuela said...

What a great thing to do! I would love to volunteer for it next time they do one in my area.

Love the photo. You just KNOW someone had to do that on purpose!

Cammy said...

Personally, I think it's at least 6,000,000. :)

I did work on a habitat house once (not as cute as the one you did) , and I agree that it's a very rewarding experience. My job was scraping paint off the bathtub. It took me an ENTIRE day. They stopped letting highschoolers paint indoors after that. :)

Good for you for getting in some good exercise in the name of a good cause!

Shanna said...

No gym?!?!? SLacker!! You can't just build a house in the 90+ deg weather and be done....JUST KIDDING!!! That was an amazing thing you did! I also live in South Florida and I know, between the heat and the humidity its a miracle you survived! And by the way, I love the pic. How long did it take to put 2 & 2 together?? =)

goodbyetoallfat said...

What an amazing thing to have gotten involved with.

In the UK we don't have (as far as I am aware) any similar projects where "self build" is part of a social housing scheme. We have ambitious (middle class) self builders who want to blow their own trumpet, and we have social housing built by other people (local councils and housing associations).

The habitat house project does seem like an incredibly good idea!

Congrats on all the activity (and karma) points you earned !!

TB--Milwaukee said...

That's definitely a manly kind of picture. lol