Monday, June 9, 2008

BLC Update and the State of my Emotions

The BBLC update is up. Guess who our biggest loser is this week? Manuela is our biggest loser this week that has checked in. Grats sweetie, you deserve it!

There are still several that have not updated me on their weights. If your name is listed below, please comment me with this week's weight so I can update the rest of the spreadsheet.

Lynne One Foot Forward
FB Fat Bridesmaid
Kate Weight 1 Day
Jennifer Fat as Hell
Tina Behind the Wall
Angie Losing It & Loving It
Running Nan Running from the Pudge
Fluffy Girl Fluffy Girl
Nightmare Jack The Pursuit of Slim
Blubba Fat Man, Skinny Wallet
Stacy The Skinny Girl in Me
Wallowgirl Working out the Kinks
Dianne Will Be Fine by 2009

Even though yesterday was a bad day for me all the way around (someone stole my lunch at work too...AGAIN), I haven't given up. I want to tell you why I get so frustrated. People tend to think that because we are overweight that we are lazy, sit on the couch eating bon bons all day, we binge, we are emotional eaters, the list goes on and on. I can honestly say none of this applies to me. Now, don't get me wrong I don't always make wise decisions when it comes to what I put in my mouth but I have never been a binger, have never ate because I was sad or happy, have always been fairly active, and have never been a snacker.

This what I do know...I have been overweight since I was toddler. Of course, then it was considered baby fat and we are supposed to outgrow it. That didn't happen. I also know that my metabolism is not normal, and not because I say so. I had it measured a few years back. They explained that the number they gave me was the number that my body needs to just function daily. He told me at that time that a normal metabolism is more than 2000 (wish I remembered the real number he gave me) but mine was 1050 or so. See the problem here? Now, this could be because I have an underactive thyroid that has never been under control (still working on it). I also know that I have been the same weight at least since '94. I guess I could look at the bright side and say I have maintained. The reason I remember is because that was the year I got married. When I split with my husband in '96, money was tight and I was down to about 500 calories a day. I lost 30 pounds in that two months. That is the only time I have ever lost a significant amount of weight. As soon as I started eating regularly again, the weight came back.

So, today is not a woe is me post. I am not giving up, whereas I would have already in the past. I am going to continue to eat healthy, continue to go to the gym everyday and hope for the best. If I don't see any clue of improvement in a couple of weeks, I will be making an appointment with the good 'ol doc. If that doesn't work, then I will go see a nutritionist. Thank you for the support, I do appreciate it!


RunningNan said...

I'm glad to hear that you aren't giving up! How do you get your metabolism checked? I would be curious to see what mine is. I've thought of the Body Bugg

RunningNan said...

wow.. I guess i'm in this! Yesterday I was 154.5, this morning I was 156.5... Mondays and Fridays are my normal weigh in days... so take your pick!

Cammy said...

That's the spirit! No matter what the scale says, you ARE getting healthier!

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

You must be packing some yummy lunches!! Thyroid issues suck, and they can make scale results so frustrating. I'm glad you're not giving up, and I know that good work you're doing will pay off and already are!

ptg said...

Keep up the hard work...because it's certainly not easy to lose weight! I know you can do it. You keep helping me, so I want to make sure that YOU know how helpful and inspiring you are!

Fab Kate said...

oops... sorry. Things have been rough and I didn't get the email in. I was at 312.4lbs

Heather said...

you have the right attitude and I admire you for just sticking with it no matter how hard it gets. Thats the mentality that will get you far.


Hey girl, I'm glad you shared your experience and you're not giving up!

I'm down two pounds this week.

Wallowgirl said...

Sorry for posting late! I am up 1.2 pounds this week. You are not going to give up! My weight has been up and down for weeks. I am going to keep truckin' on. Just keep a positive outlook. You will pull through.

justoofat said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for keeping track of me... your support means so much. I think I am going to drop out of the challenge at this point, though, as I am just not in "challenge" mode at the moment and need at least a couple of weeks to regroup. I will definitely keep up with you and others who are still doing it, however, and wish all of you the very best of luck. Thanks so much for including me.