Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No shorts, no gym

I am on my way to the gym after work and then realize I don't have any shorts with me. I have my sneakers, socks, shirt, IPod, gym membership card but no shorts. See the problem here? Shoot, so now I have to go home and I don't want to have to go out once I get home (conserving gas, you know). I accepted FB's challenge to 3-1 hour workouts this week so I had to work out yesterday. So, I figure I will air up the tires in the bike and go for a bike ride.

I get home, it is hotter than Hades. The idea of riding the bike quickly faded. Ok, let's see I will ride my stationary for 30 and do my salsa tape for 30. I get in the house, go to my computer, work on the blog a little bit, update the Biggest Loser Challenge stuff, look over a website that I am currently working on and the time just starts drifting away. I basically give in to the fact that I am not going to do any exercise.

At 7p, the phone rings. It is my friend C. She asks me if I want to go to the gym. I told her I would. She was my saving grace. So 30 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes of weights, my hour long workout was still shy of 5 minutes. Oh well, I can live with that...5 minutes shy is a hell of a lot better than 60 minutes shy!

I have had to add all my challenges to my blog because if I don't I am going to forget what I am doing :). I mentioned to F today that I joined a few challenges and he said he would make his goal to be 30lbs by Labor Day, as well. We are going to make a friendly wager. Anyone have any ideas of friendly wagers...a day at a museum, a day at the zoo, a sponge bath :)? There are a lot of creative minds out there, help a girl out.

Oh, as a side note just above the daily posts you will find a link to the Biggest Loser Challenge status, rules, etc. so everyone can easily find the updates.


RunningNan said...

great job on going and getting it done! working out with out shorts certainly would bring on attention!

Cammy said...

I can't tell you the number of times I've had to stop and buy socks on the way to the gym. My sock drawer overfloweth. :)

Good for you for getting to the gym (eventually.*G*)

Life At 40 said...

Its so hot here in Tex that is why I wait until late evening ebfore working out, especially biking or walks


I'm glad you went even though you you had all sorts of road blocks! I did an hour today and I'm jazzed to do an hour of Spin tomorrow. It's ON!

Stacy Cartwright said...

good for you for getting to the gym.

Shanna said...

Working out short-less would not have been a great idea, but hey, it would have made things quite interesting, huh?!!?!? LOL At least, you still did it. I can't tell you how many times by rather large bootie has hit the couch then all motivation to actually move, let alone go to the gym, disappears! Way to go! Keep it up!!