Monday, June 2, 2008

Weight gain count towards the challenge?

I didn't do good this week. Does my challenge go the other way, to see who gains the most? hehe...I am trying to be funny and not beat myself up. If you haven't guessed it, I gained this week. I'm not surprised though. Last week I was a zombie. I had no energy, all I wanted to do was sleep, I went out to lunch at work almost every day and I didn't hit the gym once. Come to think of it, I wasn't eating healthy at all, so I probably brought much of it on myself. Eat crap, feel like crap!

On the bright side, is that I haven't given up. In the past, I would give up so something has definitely changed in my mindset over the past several months. I like it :). The other bright side is I am taking my thyroid pills again, like I am supposed to. How do I expect my body to lose weight, if I don't do everything I can do to help it? My thyroid is extremely underactive. When I was first tested, my number was 190. It is supposed to be between 2 and 5, although my doctor is trying to keep it closer to 2-3. I have read that if you have weight issues, it is better to be at the lower end of the range.

I started retaking my thyroid pills again because I hate feeling like this. I do think part of it is the weather too. It is supposed to be in the 90s today (BLEH!) It gets hot out, I turn into a snail. Lucky for me, the gym is air conditioned and today I go. No ifs, ands or ample butt will be in that gym after work.

So I am back, physically and mentally, ready for all the challenges!

In other is weigh in day! I have received one update and two new additions to the challenge. So once I get some more updates, I will post this week's results.

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I wanted to go see Sex & the City. We decided on the 2p show and my friend tends to run a bit late in getting ready so we were pushing it to get there by 2p. We made it by about 1:45 and it was sold out. Ok, well another one was playing at 3p. The line to get into the individual movie theatre started at 2:15 for the 3p show. I have never seen so much estrogen in one room in my life and quite frankly, I would prefer not to see it again. I had no clue that Sex & the City was that popular. In order for us to get a seat, we had to go seat ourselves at about 2:15. There were a few men...the poor saps being dragged in by their wives. I'm sure they liked the nude scenes though. I didn't even ask F if he wanted to go with me, I would never want to subject him to it and I don't want him humor me by going. For those of you that want to see it, I would suggest waiting a few days before attempting. :)



goodbyetoallfat said...

"It is supposed to be in the 90s today (BLEH!) It gets hot out, I turn into a snail"

Thanks for shattering my illusion. Sometimes in wet cold and miserable Britain (not today but a month or so ago) I often feel it would be easier to lose weight if I lived somewhere HOT which would make it easier to live on salads all day long .... but I am overlooking the fact that I would feel so hot I would be too frazzled to move off the couch most of them time!

Sorry to hear you had a gain last week: from a few blogs I've read this morning it seems that quite a few of us have a gain or a stay still this week.

Let's all hope for BIG LOSSES next week!

Best wishes,

sauchagirl said...

Hi, Just found you through the summer blog party. Wanted to say, get to the gym. It will make you feel better. Good choice on taking your meds again. You can do it! Have a great day!

Ashley said...

i gained, too. I'm at 204 now. Ugh!! And yeah, it's pushing 93 with lots and lots of humidity here in georgia, so I'm ready to wilt under an air conditioner. I can't believe the temperature is only going to rise from here....hopefully not the scale with it, though!!

Manuela said...

Ugh, not looking forward to those hot, humid days 'cause I feel the same way. We're still lucky here although today should get quite warm.

I hope you have a better week too. I also joined Grumpy Chair's challenge to not drive a lot (I'm lucky with where I live) and finally bought a helmet and a lock. I'll be riding to the gym from now on (she said with the best of intentions!)

MaryFran said...

Keep your chin up! I've had weeks like your previous week! YOu can overcome it though! KEep telling yourself that you are worth the effort!!!


I stayed exactly the same this week, 319, and given my horrible eating habits last week that's a blessing! I'm about to kick ass this week though. LOOK OUT!

Trisha J. said...

Good job getting back on the meds and for not letting your self quit! I can't figure out how I emailed you my weight last is it okay if I post weight here? 209! WOO HOO down 2.

Lovebug6100 said...

I'm back!!! Weigh in this week was 252. But I'm sure next week I'm have a gain....don't beat yourself still needs to happen!

Trish said...

I hope you start to feel better! My weigh in for this week is 372, I lost 3.2lbs.

Cammy said...

I'm so glad you recognize what a HUGE accomplishment it is to continue to fight this worthwhile fight! Good for you for working to identify the cause and effect of it all and setting out a plan for yourself to fix it! Well done!

Heather said...

hey I wouldnt worry about the gain, I am sure you will be back down. while Im sure I could use some of my own advice, the scale isnt the whole story and I know you are doing great in other ways.

Fab Kate said...

ok, sorry I didn't email my weight in. This morning I was at 311.4. That's down from... whatever I started with ;)

Today was a busy day, tomorrow busier... I'm just checking in now. But I'm still in this!

Crystal said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are taking your thyroid meds again. They will start working on your body again real soon.

It's great to see you with such a positive mind-set. Push last week to the curb and focus on this week. Good luck!

Lynn said...

Hey hon, did my weigh in last night, didn't have time to post here. I'm at 186.2


Nightmare Jack aka Danielle said...

I was 185 when I stepped on the scale this am - sorry I forget what day we're supposed to check in.... please emind me.