Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who was the biggest loser this week?

I haven't received weigh in updates from some of you. If you do visit, just check and make sure I have gotten your weight updated. We lost a total of 31.5 pounds last week as a group (of those that have reported). That's awesome! (Of course, I didn't help that number but I will this week, darn it!).

Our biggest loser for the week is... Lynn - Hungry Little Caterpillar. She lost an incredible 8 pounds for a total of 4.12%!!! Mary Fran A New Start: Losing Weight came in at a close second for a loss of 7.2 pounds and percentage of 3.85%!

Although, I am not giving weekly prizes, I do have something for Lynn for being the number one LOSER this week. She gets a ribbon for being a loser :).
CORRECTION: Mary Fran is actually our biggest loser this week. The starting weight I had for Lynn was prior to start of contest. Lynn, however still did a damn good job at 2.21%!


I ended up working later than normal last night so I didn't get to the gym but I did get my arse on my bike for a few minutes last night. I am hoping to get to the gym tonight! I am also back to journaling today! I am participating in the walking challenge and I logged in this morning to enter my steps for yesterday and OMG! Summer Blog Party Walkers has currently taken a total of 411770 steps or walked approximately 205 miles since beginning their journey. That's awesome!



I'm working out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for at least an hour each day. I DARE YOU to do the same. And I'm not talking about a lame "I'm walking on a treadmill and talking on my phone at the same time" workout. I mean three one-hour, 100% effort, push yourself, balls to the walls, sweat dripping off of you workouts.

You in?

Linda said...

You couldn't get to the gym but you STIL got on your bike...WELL DONE!!

I am pleased you are still enjoying the song on my blog. When I got my slide pic album it was one of the songs I cold choose to go with my album.
I would also like to have it but I can't find it as yet but if I do I will let you know and vice versa eh?

Hugs xx

RunningNan said...

I feel so out of the loop blog wise. I slacked on blogging all weekend, and I slacked all around my house. I need my arse kicked to read and comment and blog!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you are ready and rearing to go there chica! That's awesome about the walking challenge stats...that is a lot of mileage.

ptg said...

I just found this from another blog....can I join too???