Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLC Update

UPDATED: I decided to go and add up all the pounds lost that everyone has submitted over the past several weeks. Guess, how much we have lost as a group. Give up?

138.8 pounds. That is awesome!!!
Way to go, guys!

Hmm, I think the BLC is losing some steam. I am not getting as many weigh ins now as I was in the beginning. My fear is that when I don't get regular weigh-ins (I am not referring to the occasional missed week or just late in the week) is that they fell off the wagon. It is nice to see some of you still going strong! My good news, is that if all goes well I will finally be on the plus side of the total percentage next week. Yay, there will not be a minus sign at my total weight lost!

When updating the status today, I almost started removing people that haven't weighed in since the first week. I may still do that but will wait another week. I will keep them on my spreadsheet that is calculating the percentages but on the status report that you see, I might remove them.

Other than that, I really don't have much to report. My menu yesterday is pretty much how my day went. However, I did add 20 almonds and another small baked potato at about 10p because I was starving. I went and re-calculated my points yesterday and it was off by a little bit in my favor :) so all in all it was a great day eating wise.

I am still just very low on energy so it is making it really hard for me to have motivation to get to the gym. I am going to try again today. It might be time to have my thyroid checked again.


Manuela said...

You're right--some may have fallen off the wagon because it's summer.

I'm personally glad you've got this challenge going because it keeps me motivated and very competitive (I don't want to be in third place so I've got to kick it up a notch :)

Lynn said...


I feel like this is where I should say something evil about manuela... isn't that what usually happens in those reality shows?

"Back off wench, you're going down!" (we're all going down! in weight, I hope!)

I kid! I kid! For me, this has been more about feeling motivated. I like looking at the little numbers marching across in a neat little line. I'm a chart freak, I swear.

Thinking Thin said...

Well, ya know now that my scale is moving I could come up from behind :P.

RunningNan said...

I didn't fall off.. I just didn't weigh myself yesterday and all that jazz... today, I was in at 155.5... mark me up!

RunningNan said...

I meant mark up my page.. I'm actually back down from my 158! I think I figured out that it was sodium laden turkey breast. No more of that crap!

Trish said...

I'm up again. 375.4.
Trish @ Becoming a Better Me.

Katschi said...

You guys have collectively lost an entire person! Way to go!

Kate said...

I won't be sending a weigh in today. I had a bit of a setback from my lupus (and some sun exposure) and am blown up like a blimp. I'll send in next week :)


Big Girl said...

That is a lot of weight...it's amazing. Great job to all of you out there!

Linda said...

Over 138lbs.....WOW!! Everyone is doing FANTASTIC!!

Hugs to you xx

new*me said...

woo hoo all of you! Way to go!

Manuela said...

Ah Lynn, I've never had a woman call me wench (when I read that line though, I heard Billy Crystal's voice telling Carol Kane in The Princess Bride "get back witch"!!!

Ha, come on--friendly competition never heard anyone. And, I said MOTIVATED FIRSt, then COMPETITIVE :)

Cammy said...

You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work...and if a cat fight should break out while my back is turned, will someone kindly email me and let me know. :)

have fun and be healthy!!

Crystal said...

Yeah, I would have that thyroid checked if you're still feeling sluggish. Do you take any multi-vitamins?

Wallowgirl said...

Late check in, sorry. Up .6 pounds this past week.

Over 130lbs! That's great!