Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate to sweat...

I hate to sweat, I truly do. However, when I am at the gym I want to sweat. The more, the better! It gives me some weird sense of accomplishment when I can visibly see my shirt sopping wet. It says "look at me, I stink" really it says look at me "I just worked my ass off, or at least a few calories of it". Why I think of these things, I don't

Yesterday, I only did the treadmill and am kind of disappointed in myself but at the same time I am proud of myself that I stayed on it 30 minutes. Of course, at my gym it abruptly stops at 30 minutes (I had no idea). Thank God, I wasn't running on it. I will have to keep this in mind in the future. Anyway, I digress (as usual). I found the secret to staying on it past when I want I want to (which really is 5 minutes). Read Fitness magazine, not Vogue, not Cosmo, but Fitness. It motivated me! So, today I will be signing up for a subscription. If I am reading about fitness, it makes me want to get my big arse up and move it. Try it the next time you are at the gym.

I peeked at the scale again today. If I stay really good the rest of the week (only a couple more days), it looks like I will have an awesome weigh in. Maybe all these months of it standing still are over! Maybe it was the bodily threats last week. Maybe it's the fact that when I am home all week, I don't really think much about food. There hasn't been any eating out. Of course, that leads me to think that when I have ate out and counted the points, that maybe my points were way OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! So far, it is looking like 4 lbs (gosh, I hope that doesn't jinx me).

So, anyway I am off to the gym. I promise to catch up with you all on Monday!!!

Oh, and F texted me yesterday and asked me to a movie on Saturday. Of course, I accepted. :)


Shanna said...

LOL... I am the exact same way. I think the more I sweat the better work out I get... is that even true?? If I don't break a really "good" sweat, I feel like I jipped myself. I actually know which machines I sweat more on, and in turn I feel like I get a better work out on. Am I weird?

Keep up the awesome work...4 lbs is amazing!

And have fun at the movies...just be careful not to be too 'available' to him whenever he wants... I know, easier said then done. In any case, have a great time!

QL girl said...

That happens to me at times...I'll weigh in the same for a few days (even go up sometimes), and then suddenly it'll drop a pound or two at once (and stays down, so I know it just wasn't a bad scale reading, lol).

The funny thing is I too hate know, when you're at a barbecue, or in the car, or walking from the store to the car...but when I'm working out it feels GOOD! It might be because I'm wearing clothes that I don't mind getting all sweaty, lol. OR (what I prefer to think) is that I like it because it also makes me feel like I'm making progress with my workout!

Have fun at the movies!

Big Girl said...

Great job this week... I'm sure your weigh in will reflect all you sweaty hours at the gym.

Have fun at the movies =) and have a great weekend.

Chubby Chick said...

Happy sweating! lol

And have fun at the movie! :)

MaryFran said...

Have fun at the movies!

Way to go getting to the gym and working your tail end off. AND working up a sweat. I'm so like that. I get so proud of my sweat wet marks on my clothes. Sick I know!

RunningNan said...

Good.. I can't wait to see your awesome weigh in! I'm going for metabolic testing! I give up!

carla said...

ooooh a moviedate!

am I so old that I didnt realize people TEXTED THAT STUFF? (dont answer that. lets call it rhetorical)

and I loathe those abruptstop treds as Im never paying attention (though always walking not running) and they scare the cr** out of me.


Crystal said...

I get Fitness magazine and I enjoy it too, probably because it gets to the point with exercise and recipes and doesn't have 20 extra pages of adds.

Good job on sticking with the treadmill. That's funny that your machines shut off after 30 minutes. Enjoy your weekend and you'll have to give us the details on how the movie goes on Saturday :)

Cammy said...

I love to sweat, but I have a tough time with the aroma that sometimes comes with it. LOL But I've come to think of it as Eau de Success, which makes it a tiny bit more tolerable.

Have a great weekend!

elife said...

I love your blog. I love it so much I copied your workout calender idea. Only, I'm limited in blog skills and it's too big - would you mind telling me how to make mine smaller? thanks!