Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Wednesday already?

Damn, the week is flying by. Of course it is, I am not working this week.

Today, is also the day that A is going out into the field again so I won't be hearing from him for about a month and a half. This is where he has to dodge being fired at. Please keep him and all of our other military men and women in your prayers. I wish they would just all come home. He wrote me recently, telling me he never understood "that war changes a man", he says he understands now. He also told me that when he comes home, he is not re-enlisting. I secretly hope he doesn't.

I haven't been to the gym yet today but I have been fixing my fence. One of the end posts has been loose for months and I had it tied up so the gate wouldn't fly open. I have been sweating my butt out there digging around it and putting new concrete in. Then, I worked on my jungle. This would also be known as my flower garden in the front of the house. It was way overdue and am about 3/4 done now. My dwarf crepe myrtle is leaning over so I need to find something to tie it up so it's not lying on the ground. Maybe once it is all presentable again, I will take pictures. I tend to like plants that are out of the norm. My house is a sage green color so a lot of the plants are very dark....potato vines, snowball bushes, black elephant ears, pink/peach crepe myrtle and some bright almost neon green ground cover stuff (I have no idea what it's called).

Anyway, I digress. I was just really saying if I don't make it to the gym today I am not going to feel real guilty about it because I have been outside sweating my arse off for the past hour (although I think I am going to still go to the gym). I peeked at the scale this morning. As long as I continue on the current course, weigh in is going to be nice. Woo hoo!


ptg said...

Exercising doesn't always mean going to a gym or designated locale - just staying active, and continually being active, is exercise. :o) Sounds like your garden is going to be in GREAT shape - I can't keep many things alive (thankfully, my daughter, husband, and cats I can) so I could never have a garden!

Great job on your week off - keep up the hard work and I know the scale will recognize them!

Big Girl said...

Sounds like you've already gotten a good work out in but if you can make it to the gym even better!

I will keep good wishes for A and all the men/women in harms way. May there be peace everywhere soon.

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! Sounds like you've already had quite a workout today! :)

Katschi said...

I love gardening & I think it's a great workout. Sometimes it feels even better than the gym...I feel muscles I never knew I had.
I hope we'll be able to see pictures soon. I love seeing pics of people's gardens...I'm snoopy that way :)
I'm having great success growing thistles this year ;)
I hope A & all the enlisted people are sent home soon...or yesterday.

Manuela said...

This gardener will tell you that anything you do outside that makes you sweat is a workout! I'm usually down a pound or two when I'm finished!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week off.

carla said...

Im with you and ptg and all else.
exercising isnt necessarily in the gym and sweating yer arse off sounds like PLENTY in my book.


Crystal said...

I'm sure you're burning some good calories working on your fence today so if you don't make it to the gym, no worries. There's always tomorrow!

Scale Junkie said...

I stood outside for 45 minutes and WATCHED a crew load up some junk I had in my shed and garage and I broke a sweat just standing there! You were working on the jungle, you probably burned mega calories! My fence needs fixed and my jungle of bougainvillea need cut back. They are beautiful but very thorny.