Monday, July 14, 2008

Ughh, it's Monday

I'm back, bleh! I thought I would have trouble getting up this morning and I was absolutely right. I didn't have time to do my weigh in this morning so it will have to be tomorrow. I am not overly upset because I didn't do so well over the weekend. It was an interesting weekend, a bit lonely in the long run.

Friday night, it seemed awfully warm in the house. I had been putting together a cat tower for my cat and was sweating horribly. I thought it was just because I was putting this thing together. No, it's because it was 90 flipping degrees in my house. I had died and gone to hell. My A/C decided that it was taking a vacation. Great. I have been off all week and this POS has to quit on the weekend so I can pay emergency rates! I was also going out that evening and how the hell am I supposed to get ready when as soon as I get out of the shower, I am going to need another one. I guess it will be a "hair up" night seeing as I am touching the hair dryer.

So my friend C and I go to a sports bar that we haven't gone to in a long time. We like to shoot pool and so we tend to hang around the pool table. Almost immediately, this man starts talking to me. If someone talks to me, I normally talk back. After awhile, this girl comes over and so I assumed they were together. I asked him if they were a couple and he said "oh no, she's not my girlfriend, she wishes she was". Now, let me make this clear from the get go, I had no interest in this man. Later, the girl told me they have been together for 5 years. He told me at one point that she was jealous of me and that if I would have been blonde it wouldn't have been an issue but because I am brunette it was an issue (he apparently has a thing for brunettes). He was hanging around me more than the girl he came with. Now, I was flattered but stay the F*#$ away from me! I was really starting to get uncomfortable. The girl had other girlfriends there who now are giving me dirty looks. Hell, I wasn't hitting on the guy. In fact, I was ignoring him at this point and he just wouldn't go away. I asked the security guy to keep him away from me because it was starting to appear to cause problems. Anyway, the security guy was cute and wanted an excuse to talk to him :). It didn't help. Luckily, the night was ending.

We went out for breakfast and I got home around 4a and it was still 90 degrees in the house. How the hell am I going to sleep when it is 90? I put the fan in my room on full blast, opened the blinds to the window in the event that there might be some sort of breeze coming through (not a chance) and slipped into bed. It's a good thing I have a privacy fence because I was nekkid as a jay bird and at 90 degrees I didn't care if anyone saw my fat ass sleeping!

Saturday morning I call the 'ol A/C repair guy so I don't die of a heat stroke in my house. At this point, I didn't care how much it cost me! It actually turned out to be not horribly expensive. It could have been much worse. The A/C guy was also kinda cute and very flirty. In fact, he even called me later that night to see if the A/C was still working ok. He is supposed to be calling me today to see if everything is good. Now, how many times does a repair man call you to make sure everything is ok, unless he is interested? If he asked me out, I would go.

So, if you are still onto the movies with F.

The lunch and movie did not go as well as I had hoped. He was rather cantankerous yesterday and that's not like him. Numerous times during the movie he kept looking at his cell phone to look at the time and I could see he was getting antsy, which of course was making me uncomfortable. I asked him afterwards why so antsy and he was just rather arguementative. He is never like that. We got back to his place and I just gave him a hug and said goodbye. He had a paper due by midnight last night which he had not started and had his weekly meeting at 7p so he was stressed for time. He should have just canceled. I did speak to him late last night and he admitted to being cantankerous (his word, actually) and apologized for not being great company. Now, I have told you guys how wonderful I think F is and I still think that regardless of what we are going through but the one thing that I HATE is the selective communication. We can talk about anything..but when it comes to his feelings or emotions that he is not comfortable with he shuts down. I will never understand why it is so hard for men (not all, but many) to say what they are feeling, what they are afraid of, the list goes on and on. I may be totally off base here but I think, in general, men take longer to commit to someone but when they commit they really commit and it takes them longer to get over someone; whereas, I think women commit sooner, will not normally stick around in a bad relationship and move on a lot quicker. Anyone else notice this kind of trend or is it just in my own little world?

Needless to say, after yesterday's lunch/movie I felt incredibly lonely. It would almost be easier if he would just be an asshole so I could hate him but instead he gives me these glimmering hopes that he is coming to his senses. He even sounded a tad bit jealous when he found out I went out Friday night. Again, I am not going to sit by the phone and wait for him. My life has to go on and if he comes to his senses, I may still be there....I may not.

Anyway, it's the start of a brand new week and I plan to continue going to the gym everyday. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good weigh in. I will be updating the loser challenge as I get the new weigh ins.


carla said...

so many thoughts and so little time (sayeth my boss the Tiny Toddler Dictator).

first & foremost it will be a GREAT week filled with positive thoughts and gymgoing.
next? no matter where your relationship ends up (MEN. I could go on forever about this after my weekend) I ADORE that he used the word cantankerous---but I was an english major ;)


Shanna said... had an interesting weekend. Sorry about F, I know it can be frustrating. Guys are so so so... ummm... we'll say "different". I am sending you an email... check it if you get a chance.

My biggest loser WI, 195, I am down .5 lbs (shocking!!)

spunkysuzi said...

Sorry the movie/lunch didn't go as planned. Here's to a better week ;)

Weigh in the same=142.4

ptg said...

Definitely an interesting weekend for you! I'm sorry it ended up so rough with F, but with men, you never know. I think you're taking the right tack though - see what else is out there and if you find someone else, so be it. It's his darn loss, right?

WI for the week is 194.

Big Girl said...

Sorry things didn't go great w/ F but I'm kinda liking the A/C guy. Let us know what happens there.

And yes Mondays can be brutal, especially after a week off, welcome back to the real world.

RunningNan said...

I'm sorry about the loneliness. Kill two birds with one stone.. fly to cleveland! It's cooler up here and you won't be lonely! We can have a party up here.. Everyone is invited!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you had a fun man-filled weekend-how wonderful! Sorry to hear things with F did not go as great as you would have liked. Men-who can figure them out sometimes.

Kick butt in the gym this week!

Life At 40 said...

I know how bad it sucks when the ac isnt working we had ours freeze up a few days back and in Tx its never cool