Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What are you doing well?

I was bad, very, very bad. I got home yesterday (after not going to the gym, again) and the food I had planned for dinner just didn't sound good to me (major problem). I hadn't had pizza in a long time. I couldn't talk myself out of it and ordered the pizza. You would think that was enough, right? No, I had to go further and order the Chocolate Dunkers. The funny thing, if you can find anything funny about this is that I am not a huge sweets eater. So needless to say I had pizza and chocolate dunkers for dinner last night. I felt so guilty about it yesterday while eating it, I almost through out the rest but I didn't. It is wrapped up in the frig. I did go over my points yesterday A LOT..not just a little but A LOT. I am not going to tell you how many (because it disgusts me) but let's just say I better be really damn good the rest of the week. I am not going to beat myself up over it. Today is a new day and I got my fix, so it should be smooth sailing the rest of the week.

The one thing I am proud of is that in the past when I would have weak moments and go over in points the way I did yesterday, I wouldn't journal it. That part of the day would be empty in the journal. Not today, I went to the Pizza Hut web site and got the nutritional information, calculated the points (no matter, how painful) and journaled it. So today's post is not only about my confession but to talk about the things that we are doing well. We always tend to beat ourselves up and then sometimes we just give up.

Things I am doing well.
1. I drink more water (mainly fresh green/oolong tea) than I ever did. I crave it now.
2. I think about the food I am eating and whether it is worth it? That didn't work so well last night, but most of the time. Even though I had a bad night with my choices, I had turned down donuts, candy and eating lunch out earlier in the day.
3. I make more better choices than bad choices.
4. I exercise..sporadically, but it's more than I used to do.
5. I am journaling everything, no matter how painful it is.
6. I am eating healthier foods.

So, I am not perfect and I never will be. However, for those of you that are struggling and hanging on to that wagon by your fingernails, try to remember that this is a lifestyle change and every little step counts. I am proud of what I am doing well, despite the occasional setback. You should be too.

What are you doing well?


new*me said...

i have found that when I am really hungry, I am more tempted to make bad choices. So, if the cravings are knocking at my door, I start downing lots of water and veggies quick to fill me up so I am more in control to make a better choice.

I feel that I am doing thing "well" too...I posted my healthy habits list on my blog today ;)

Felicia said...

Good for you for not falling. So what if you have pizza for dinner. The point is that you should have enjoyed it and then said ok thats it and moved on. Dont feel guilt for eating something yummy, it will get you in the end. YOu should be very proud of yourself for just getting up and moving on.


Love your list of what you are doing well.

You are a success!

Have a SUPER day!

spunkysuzi said...

I just posted on my journal about having a bad night as well. And you know what you're right for the first time i journaled it! I have never done that before, and i approximated the cals i used (probably wrong) but at least i stopped and thought about it after.

ptg said...

You might have had a "bad choice" but the fact that you're getting right up, admitting the fact, and moving forward says SO much about your character. Good for you!

I am definitely watching what I eat more often - making better, more informed choices. I'm also exercising (or trying to) most days. For that, I'm thankful.

stayingoncourse said...

You are doing really well!

Life happens. Pizza happens. So what? If you suddenly started having pizza for every meal, perhaps you stop and think but once? It's all good.

You're journalling it, you're 'owning' it and you're moving on. Well done!

Katschi said...

I've always hidden my binges from journalling in the past & never added up the points. But now I do & I find it's actually freeing to admit the bumps in the road and I believe it helps me to move on because I'm not wallowing in guilt & shame.

carla said...

good for you on journaling.

and on the realization that today is a new day.
yesterday is OVER and done.
And, in the scope of life, yesterday doesnt even matter all that much.

here's to your fingernails and the fact that you clung.


Lynn said...

Why do we classify foods (and ourselves) as bad and good. There's nothing intrinsically evil about a pizza. It doesn't send anyone off to a concentration camp and make them take a chemical shower. It's a food... there's nothing wrong with having one. There's certainly nothing wrong with enjoying it.

If all we're going to eat for the rest of our lives is salad and other "good" foods, someone please, just shoot me now!

Just go with the ELMO plan.

Eat it
Log it

A treat is fine! Straying off the path for a while is fine. You are doing a wonderful job and I find reading your posts to be a great encourager...


Cammy said...

I think you're right in that it's not healthy to beat yourself up over a loss of control. Nothing to be gained from that, at all. Um, you know what I mean. :)

It's great that you journaled it! That's a huge NSV! It would also be great (IMO) to try to figure out a "contingency plan" for the next time a temptation like that presents itself.

I'm doing most things well (drinking water in the appropriate amounts being the big stinker). I do none of them anywhere approaching perfectly, but I'm pleased with where I am, when compared to where I was.

If that makes any sense. :)

Crystal said...

It's good to see that even though you ate foods you are not happy with now, you took responsibility for your actions and did some positive reinforcement by journaling.

I've started doing some journaling too and it's a great way to see where we can work on things.

Wallowgirl said...

You had some pizza and now move on to your plan. You can do it because life happens sometimes.
For me, I have not had any sugar for 3 months. I have also made the decision to do the best that I can.

Scale Junkie said...

I think that pizza is a part of life and you did the right thing by taking responsibility for it, journaling and dusting yourself off and moving on.

Every day is a fight for me and I'm beginning to realize more and more that I'm worth fighting for and so are you!