Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BLC Update

I really don't have much to report. No hurricane or tropical storm. We have been spared again. I didn't even bring my trash cans in last night. I had kind of hoped that the tropical storm would come our way so I could take a day off work and get some sleep. Tropical storms are just a nice breeze. I didn't sleep well last night because of this stupid sore throat so am going on minimal sleep again.

I had thought about not even writing about F here anymore, but sometimes it helps to write things out and I have already brought him out in the open, so what's the difference.

F sent me a text last night telling me to be careful today (because of the storm). I am actually kind of surprised I heard from him considering the way we left the things on the phone the other day. In the 8 months that I have been "seeing" him, I had never been mad at him before and we have never fought. I told him to take care and hung up. I am not making any effort anymore. I am tired of putting forth the effort. I know many of you think that I should have stopped putting forth effort a long time ago and that's ok. As I have said before, he is a good man and is worth the effort but not until he can deal with his deep rooted issues. I don' t know if that will ever happen. So, in the meantime it needs to be about me for once. It never is about me, it's a damn good time for it to start being about ME.

Now, if I could just feel better (you know, like being able to breathe) I could get to the gym!

Some of you left remarks about 6pack yesterday that just made me smile. I don't know what will happen with him, if anything but I am doing my patriotic responsibility by keeping his spirits up while in Iraq. :) I know that was a stretch with the patriotic ramble...hehe.

Now, what if..this is a big if...what if F gets his head out of his ass and figures out that he just threw away something wonderful at the same time that 6pack comes home and wants to date me. Hmm, what will I do? I have never been one to date more than one at a time but I might have to make an exception cuz I will have to date 6pack just to see if he really is "Noah".

Oh BTW, today is the Blogger Challenge Update and I will be updating those later. I just wanted to see if there were going to be more weigh ins before the update. I think maybe the challenge went on too long, people are losing steam (or maybe it's me losing steam). I think I will host another (no prizes) but not right away. I think we need time to give this one a rest first. We only have a couple more weeks. Go ladies!

For me, not having much to report this turned into a long post of rambling.


QL girl said...

Hm, I didn't know you lived in Florida (maybe I missed something? lol). Glad to hear it all worked out.

I weighed in and I'm at 155! (I was at 153 on Sunday...arggh!)

Good for you....it SHOULD be about you! I say take things one day at a time, and when the time comes that 6pack is back just play it by ear....things will work themselves out on their own. Just enjoy yourself for now.

RunningNan said...

WEll.. I weighed in at 158 today. I love to be on the up and up

Manuela said...

Don't worry about how often you visit--as long as you do!

I'm starting to feel some pain again behind the left eye and am going to my family doctor at one.

Darn--I only managed one comment today!

Maybe later once the painkillers have kicked in. I HATE BEING SICK!!!!

Big Girl said...

I say date both. Why not?

ptg said...

I don't care who you date (6pack or F) as long as we get the juicy stories here. LOL

Glad to hear you're getting on track with putting YOU first. You deserve it!!

Crystal said...

If F gets his head out of his ass at the same time as 6-pack, I would date them both and see what works out in the end. You'll never know until you try :)

T.S. Fay was pretty mild here, too. We got lots of rain and wind but nothing worse than a bad thunderstorm...I didn't get out of work, either!

Scale Junkie said...

I just want you to be happy and I don't think F makes you happy or even knows how to make you happy. YOU deserve HAPPY!!

new*me said...

glad it missed you! I say, get on with your life. It's too short to get drug down with someone who obviously doesn't have it together :) Always keep the options open ;)

Shanna said...

Hey there... sorry for the late update. T.S. Fay shut things down here, but it wasn't too bad. Just alot of wind & rain..thankfully! I enjoyed my days off work.. 2 of them! Nany nany boo boo!!! =)

I am down 1 more pound to 187! =)