Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BLC Update

We have one more week for the Loser Challenge. Next week, after all the weigh-ins I will calculate total poundage lost. I think, we will be amazed. Of course, I won't help that total any. I am hoping that I can at least be less than what I started at *sigh.

So far, our winners (this could change by next week) are going to be Lynn, PTG and Manuela and not necessarily in that order.

I was doing a little research yesterday online about slow thyroids and weight problems and came across a medical site that mentioned a few pills that doctors prescribe to help with weight loss. One of them is used to treat epilepsy. The name of is it is Topamax. A friend of mine who I work with lost a bunch of weight while she was taking epilepsy medication. I asked her if it was the same. Hmmm....wheels start turning. I found that many doctors are starting to prescribe it in low doses to help with weight loss. I might ask my doctor about it today. I know some of you are probably going to give me a hard time about it (that's ok). I need something to give me that jump start. This playing with the same five pounds for 8 months has really gotten to me. I will have the week where I finally feel like I passed the mark, only to be right back there the following week. My body is just not letting go. I even looked up lap band surgery yesterday but I don't think I could ever do that. I am pretty vain so am deathfully afraid of extra skin.

I go back to the doctor's today and am hoping maybe she can help me out with this, either with recommending a nutritionist, telling me to cut further on points, giving me a pill that might help, anything.

I will keep you posted.

P.S. 6pack is doing well..sends poetry to my phone the last couple of mornings :) Some of you have been asking about pictures of 6pack. Right now I only have one and it's not a great picture, he is goofing off with one of his army mates. If I was to post it, I would only post it for a little while simply because I don't want someone to come across my blog, see his picture and know him and tell him about the blog. Does that make sense? I know it is probably unlikely but weirder things have happened.

So here's the deal tomorrow I will post the picture from 8a-9a EST. :)


Manuela said...

I was thinking of the same thing in terms of you posting a pic. Removing it at a certain time is good though! (I'm usually up early enough ;)

As to any meds, you should totally talk to your doctor and not care one hoot about what others think. It's your body and in the end it may be the best thing for you.

Best of luck with it and yay to all of us losers!

Shanna said...

I know its frustrating! No judgement here! Just talk everything over with your doc & do lots of research on your own. You gotta do what you gotta do! No one can say you aren't trying!

Great idea about the pic...I would be nervous someone would find out & tell him to, even if there is the slightest of chances!

BTW- My weigh in for this week is 186. Down 1 pound! =)

quarterlifegirl said...

lol...I love that. It makes it feel like we're in "sweeps" week or something.

I'm just as paranoid with things like that, so I don't blame you for being a bit cautious.

spunkysuzi said...

Well not such a great week this week up 2.4 to 142 ;(

Felicia said...

I thinkit sounds like a great idea to talk to your doc about your issues with how things are going. Simple blood tests could tell you what you need to know at least on the thyroid front.

Hope everything goes well!! You are doing great and trying to hard. You will be a success I just know it!


elife said...

I don't see anything wrong with meds as long as one is making lifestyle changes (which you clearly are!).

ptg said...

Oh I'm going to have to log on just to see the photo!! LOL

Definitely talk to your doctor. Mine recommended some supplements (I see a DO, not an MD) rather than medication - as I was borderline and not truly hypothyroid - and it's made a lot of difference. I'll have a nother check up in November to have my levels checked.

new*me said...

i hope the doc can get you the help you need. Will check back to see the cutie tomorrow morning ;)

Big Girl said...

hey what about us west coast crazies... I'm up early but sheesh, that's too early for me. Can I request a special showing? =)

Crystal said...

I would talk to your doctor and get all the info and facts you can and see what he/she suggests. It's your body and you need to do what you think is best.

wallowgirl said...

Sorry. I have been missing in action lately. My weight this weeks is at 205.

Angie said...

Congrats ladies who are in the running. You're doing great. I haven't checked in in a few weeks, I'm at 192.

Simone said...

Knowledge is power.

dark_one said...

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