Monday, August 25, 2008

Scales suck

I didn't like the scale this morning, so as far as I am concerned I am ignoring it until tomorrow.
Last week, I ate what I wanted though and didn't go to the gym so won't be surprised if I am the biggest gainer. Oh well. What can you do, right? I will just keep plugging along.

I am going to try to give it a jump start this week though. I made a huge salad last night with cucumbers, carrots, onions, almonds and chicken breast. I brought it into work this morning and plan on having salad for lunch everyday this week. Maybe WW is giving me too many points and I should be eating less? I wish I knew the magic number! Now, that I am on the upped dosage of Synthroid, I hope that helps. Of course, I really don't know how long it takes for it to really kick in.

6pack...oh my what can I say about 6pack other than if I get my hands on that man, I am not letting him go. I will be one of those psycho women handcuffing him to my bed. Oh wait, that's another story for another blog (j/k). This man is absolutely incredible. Of course, I am also a bit cynical (as I should be). I am getting text messages from him now and they are just so incredibly sweet. Is it possible that there are romantic men in existance? or is it one of those things where they are telling you all the things you want to hear and then *bam it's gone once they have you hooked?


spunkysuzi said...

Oh it's sooo cute that he's send you sweet text messages ;)
Your not the only one with a bad week i'm up +2.4 to 142 ;(

MaryFran said...

From what you are saying you had BETTER scarf up 6pack!!!

As for you ignoring the scales today and the possibility of you being the biggest gainer? Uhhhh what scales???? Ohhh yeah, the ones that I'm personally also ignoring! And I think I'm in the running for biggest gainer also!!!

carla said...

handcuffing to bed :)

that's it
my comment
we've already established how I think scales should impact our moods.

have a good monday,


QL girl said...

I was happy with my scale flashed 152.5 for a split second, but my final weigh-in was 153.0. (I did it twice just to make sure, hehe)

As for men....who knows! I think there's the possibility of some romantic men in existence, and you might have found one! ( won the "romantic lottery"...)

So when does he get back? Well, I'm sure you'll let us know, right? =]

Thinking Thin said...

MaryFran, what happened to your blog? Did you go all private on us?

Jori said...

Yeah - scales suck.

:o)~ to the scale...

elife said...

Good luck with the higher dose of Synthroid. My doc raised mine this past year and it truly did get a little easier to lose weight.

ptg said...

Scales suck is putting it quite mildly.

Yes, romantic men exist. (I married one.) Before you cuff him though can we all get a picture? LOL

Weigh-in was also a gain for me - back up to 185.

new*me said...

Sounds like a McDreamy ;) Hope it works out for you two!

Manuela said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts!

I feel like the Biggest Loser but not 'cause of the weight :( No, I'm just kidding. I truly make a crummy patient and I think that I'm finally starting to get over the hump.

Down 1 lb this week probably because the sight of food has been making me nauseous! That's a new one!!! HA.

Good luck on the romance front, BTW. Would you ever post pics? I'm sure I'm not the only one DYING to know what this guy looks like!