Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts about the Scale and other ramblings

I didn't really have anything to blog about today other than 6pack. I know how sick you guys are of hearing about 6pack :P, so I wasn't going to blog today until I got this in my email.

I subscribed to a tip list at some point regarding weight loss and occasionally there are some good tips and this is the one from today that I wanted to share.

Don't focus on your weight loss, focus on making these simple lifestyle changes every day. Did you know you always get what you focus on? If you think about your weight all the time, you'll get more weight and it will be harder to lose it. If you focus on making small lifestyle changes, enjoying your life, being happy and following the suggestions in this guide, your weight loss will be almost automatic.

It hit me, maybe I have been so obsessed with the scale that it is hurting me. I weigh myself almost every morning so for starters, I will only do it once a week. Baby steps, ya know. Maybe there is some unconscious thing going on that I don't realize.

Ok, I have to share this because it is driving me nuts...

This came from 6pack the other day. This has been what I have been mulling over. Some of you already have seen it and told me what you thought. I hope you all are right :).

Tribulations of a poet in black ink. With him, trying to express into words of his love. Writing one minute, blank the next. Can he explain to her, or will she see? Poems line his soul, on paper, in thought. Where his words inflect her. Who is this poet that walks in fear? Will he ensure her of himself with these words? Can he finish this poem, or has it just begun?

This man has my stomach in knots. Oh, and the good news is his boss might be trying to get him home even earlier...yay!

Any thoughts?


MaryFran said...

Wow...I can definitely see how he has you tied in knots! What an email! That wonderful stage when there are feelings but still shy about expressing them in case the other doesn't reciprocate!

Girl, if you don't want him, move on over and let me at him. (shhhh don't tell my husband...tee hee hee)

carla said...

(seriously what an email...)

and you know what I think.
it is SO easier said than done but Im all for kicking the scale to the curb.
at least for a while.


Manuela said...

Same here--you know what I think ;)

As for the scale stuff, yes, definitely focus on the little steps it takes to get to the final goal. You'll reach it and have the time to savour the journey!

(Baby steps--ever watch "What About Bob?" with Bill Murray? LOVED IT!)

new*me said...

I may do a challenge for myself one month and only weigh once. I too have become scale obsessed. I am doing the Christmas challenge and am supposed to weigh in weekly but we'll see. I am going back to once a week. I had hub hide it from me and he'll give it to me on Monday ;)

Your guy sounds deep

Lynn said...

I don't OWN my own scale simply because I am afraid of these issues. I weigh in once a week at the WW meetings and that is it. Well, aside from the odd doctor's visit :D

6Pack is reminding me... have you ever seen Bedazzled? The one with Brendan Frazier, not the old one... he's reminding me of the bit where Brendan wishes to be the most sensitive, romantic guy ever. But then, I'm not very romantic, and tend to get the giggles when someone attempts to write me poetry...

But, you know, whatever works for you :D

Eliana said...

Hi there I just love your blog! Actually I love it so much it inspired me to start my own. I hope you don't mind but I linked you on my favourites list:

My understanding of computer netiquette is kind of stone aged (my laptop practically has an abacus instead of the calculator function) but my hubby suggested I be courteous and ASK if that is okay. Ohhhhhh riiiiiight. So that's what I'm doing - in your comments section as I couldnt find an email sorry :)

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Men! Boys! What they do to us ... waiting to hear what is next. :)

Jaycee Nevaeh said...

Thanks for the tip. I only weigh in once a week and it does keep me from obessing over my weight.

Good luck