Wednesday, September 3, 2008

and the Winner is...

Not me!

Lynn, took first place in the Bloggers' Biggest Loser Challenge with a total of 11.86% body weight loss! Great job, girl!

Our second place winner was Ginesa (9.90% body weight lost) and third was Manuela (8.65% body weight lost). You guys did absolutely awesome!

Now, for the exciting stuff! Prizes! Oh, and by the way I am changing the rules at the last minute. I can do this because it is my contest :). I was only going to give out two prizes but seeing as Manuela and PTG are so damn close, I am giving a third.

Lynn, gets first choice. You get to put a picture, artwork, whatever you want on one of the following (I will give you the specs in a separate email). PTG, then gets second choice, then Manuela.

Congratulations, ladies! You worked hard and did awesome!

For all you other LOSERS out there, you did great too! I, unfortunately was the big gainer :(. I will update the status sheet and leave it there for the remainder of the week.


I have updated my goals for September. Let's see if I can meet them this time! I was doing great with the exercise until I got sick and just haven't gotten back at it. I have to get my head back there again. It's just so frustrating and so un-motivating not to see any results when I do everything right. I lose my steam. This is how I have always lost my steam in the past. Why exert the energy to watch what I eat and go to the gym if the results are the same as if I don't watch what I eat and don't go to the gym? I know I can't think like this but it's hard. I struggle with it every day. I desperately want to lose weight. I have wanted that since I was 7 years old or earlier when all the kids started teasing me. I have been really good about taking my thyroid pills and my new Topomax so am trying to be patient. I am also going to start trying to get to the gym 5 days a week. Maybe that's what it is going to take for me. Maybe I am not one of those that can go 2-3x a week. Grrr, that pisses me off too. I just want you to know that. Ok, so I am done whining, venting, feeling sorry for myself or whatever the hell I was just doing. Time to make myself some reasonable goals.


Shanna said...

11.86% !!! That is awesome Lyn!

You girlies did great, congrats to all of you!

And thanks, Bonnie! This was such a motivational contest & it really helped push me along. Are you still thinking about restarting it?

Manuela said...

Congrats to the winners and wow, I'm happy to place third and honoured to get a prize from you and your creative self!

Thanks for manning this challenge--I really enjoyed it and appreciated the hard work that went into it.

I hope that everybody still sticks with their program whatever it might have been or can maintain if you've reached your goal. It's all about a lifestyle change!

What's up for fall besides l'amour?(love in case you don't know French ;)

Thinking Thin said...

Shanna, I am up for doing it again to keep me in line (see how good that worked this but this time there wouldn't be any prizes. Maybe a little twist on it, for a little added motivation. Look for a post in a day or so.

ptg said...

Lynn, you're a superstar! 11.86% is freakin' fantastic!!! YOU GO!

Manuela - you were totally my inspiration on this thing. Thanks for pushing me forward (even when you didn't know it!).

And Bonnie, most of all, THANK YOU for doing this contest!!! I know how much work it is and I totally appreciate it!

I am so amazed at this whole thing that I can't even believe that I won something!

Also - Bonnie, check your email. I have an idea for a prize for the next "challenge". :o)

nmburleson said...

ha ha! You freaked me out. I was like hmmm do I know her? ;)

Nightmare Jack aka Danielle said...

hey I sortalet the ass fall through this time around - I love reading your blog too but wondered if you feel like giving this another go - I dont need prizes, I would just be happy to having to have to check in one or twice a week and be accountable - what do you think?

Sunny said...

Your goals for this month sound very reasonable. It's a new month - start fresh!

WTG to all the winners of your contest! Sounds like they all had lots of fun!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW!! Great job Lynn, Ginesa and Manuela!! I'm so happy for all of you and everyone who participated! Thank you B for doing this!!