Thursday, September 25, 2008

More talk about challenges

The challenge is on. Those that have commented that they want to be involved have been added. I will start the roster for the exercise challenge sometime today, as well. I will also get together our route for our exercise challenge...where we are going. If there are any requests for our trip, please feel free to throw in your requests.

I have really been slacking on the whole Recipe Thursday. I will get my act together soon. Promise :).

The winners of the last challenge should be receiving their winnings sometime this week. They were mailed yesterday, finally! Sorry, it took so long, but I hope you like them!


More Details...

The weight challenge starts, well now and runs through Monday, November 24th, 2008. There is no time limit to sign up. To be part of the challenge, just comment on the blog that you want to participate and your starting weight. What are the rules, you ask? Each week, come back and visit. Leave me a comment with your weekly weigh in. It doesn't necessarily have to be on Monday seeing as not everyone weighs in on Mondays. Near the top of the page, you will find a link to the challenge status with everyone that is participating. Make sure to visit your fellow bloggers for support and motivation. The number one rule... have fun!
Promote the challenge to others.

How it is going to work?

Each week when I receive the weekly weigh-ins, I will update this blog with the percentage of weight lost. We are not using pounds because some have more to lose than others. Percentage of body weight is the key.

What do I get if I win?

You get nothing (insert Gene Wilder's voice from Willie Wonka)..hehe. J/K. You get a pat on the back? You get the admiration of all us other "losers"? You never know there might be a prize waiting at the end. It will be a surprise.

Exercise Challenge

If you want to participate in the exercise challenge, it will be similar to the weight challenge. Each week you will provide me with the number of minutes you exercised during the week. This doesn't necessarily need to be just exercise conducted in the gym, etc. If you were outside weeding your garden for 2 hours, count it! That's exercise! Pressing the remote control button does not count. Use your own good judgement. I would like to see this turn into a friendly competition among us..however, don't overdo it either and cause yourself any injuries. Now, to make it a little more interesting and fun each week I will convert our minutes into miles. We are going on vacation. We are going to walk across the country and at this point we have absolutely no idea where we will be stopping along the way. This could be a lot of if you would like to get involved and go on our virtual vacation, let me know!


QL girl said...

I didn't comment yesterday, but I definitely want to participate! I want to be at 145lbs in 8 weeks, that means 7 pounds to go!!

As for I supposed to set a goal, or only report what I actually did that week? I'm going to aim to do 120 minutes a week. So far I'm in bad shape though, I haven't gone for a run in nearly a week!! =[

Thanks for doing this again!! It should be fun!

new*me said...

did you ever say how long the challenge was going to run? Sorry, mommy brain ;)

new*me said...

found the answer....8 wks :)

Cammy said...

Yes, I was going to speak to you about the missing recipes. :) I'm looking forward to their return.

Terra aka The Dark Lily said...

I want to take part in the weight and the minutes challenge :-) As far as the weight my goal for it is to be down 7 lbs, so that would make me 172 at the end of it.

Jori said...

Okay, so I am in for an 8 pound loss, and 3 hours per week of exercise?

Can I request that we try to walk from Florida to Central Ontario, Canada? I'd love to 'see' everyone! (It's a 24 hour drive...)

Andrea said...

I want in on these challenges. I'm new to the blog scene, but think this would be a great way to get my feet wet. My starting weight is 225 lbs. Sounds fun - thanks for your efforts!!

Lynn said...

You know me, I'm always happy to comment all over someone else's challenge :-)

My current weight is 165.2

Stacy Cartwright said...

LOL Pressing the remote control button does not count as exercise!!

Manuela said...

I'm up for the exercise challenge. Do you want a total time each week with miles? If I'm running or biking I keep track of the distance.

I'll send it in and you decide :)

(can't wait to see my prezzie--I know I'll love it!)

Eliana said...

I should probably mention my starting weight - presently 120kg (sigh). Or 264lbs for you metrically-challenged folk.

RunningNan said...

Here's what you get when you win.. A bunch of clothes that are way too big for you! WHOO HOO!