Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recipe Thursday and other ramblings

Yes, I have a recipe today...well, kind of. I have been really busy and did come across one the other day that I wanted to share with you but as usual I got sidetracked and forgot about it. So today is an easy one for all of you that can't cook, don't like to cook, don't cook. It's really not a recipe, you'll see.

So let me tell you, I hate yogurt. I despise it but it's good for you and we should try to eat what's good for us, right? So, here's what you do.


Fat free vanilla yogurt - one lg container
sugar free/fat free cheesecake flavored jello pudding mix

Mix the dry jello mix and yogurt together. Tada! You have cheesecake and it tastes pretty darn good!!! Easy, huh?


In other news, everyone that has come into my house I have them go into the guest bedroom (ex roommate's room) and make them smell it. I know cruel and unusual punishment. I want to make sure it's not just me. It's not. It really does stink. So let's see the carpet cleaner guy, my best friend, F, the remodeler guy and the pest control guy all say the room F*(#&%# stinks. My remodeler guy was there last night and told me I am going to have to tear out the carpet and probably will have to bleach the concrete because the stench has probably permeated the concrete. Today, I need to go get an estimate for carpeting *sigh. I could probably live with the stain but I can't live with stench. I haven't decided how I want to persue it with the roommate other than sending a bill as an FYI knowing full well I will never see any money. I know if I took her to court it's not going to ruin her credit anymore than it already is and it's only going to cost me more money and headache than it's probably worth. However, I am going to make it very clear to her that she is a nasty slob. The remodeler offered to drop the nasty carpet off at her new place...hehe. That would be evil. I like it :). Ok, now that I have that out of my system (that is going to make me is stressing me out). I have exciting news. No, it's not about 6pack :(. 6pack has been really busy lately. I don't hear from him much when he is busy :(. They also extended him again :(. Ok, I digress..back to the exciting news!!!

I mentioned remodeler, right? I am finally going to get my bathroom remodeled. YAY!!! My bathroom currently is surrounded in powder blue tile (vomits) and the vanity top is this blue/vomit mix color with a cracked/chipped sink. It did have blue butterfly wallpaper on the walls. I tore that off at one point and there is still the glue on the walls. I will have to take pictures of it. It really is disgusting. He is going to gut it. There is a wall between my vanity and my toilet and we are removing that so I can have a bigger vanity (yay) and totally just taking everything out and getting all new. He is giving me a great price too. I can't wait to show pictures!! So hopefully by the end of next week I will have a new bathroom. He had gone out into my garage and noticed that I don't have a dryer vent that leads to outside. He said he would even make me a vent as a bonus. I like this guy. Well, as long as he doesn't take off with my money. I had to give him a large deposit..yikes! I did tell him if he takes off with my money I will hunt him down and kill him :). I always make it very clear to contractors that I am usually very easy to deal with until you screw me. Screw me, and I will become a bitch FAST and you will wish that you didn't do business with me :). Thank you mom for teaching me the ropes...hehe.

OK, enough rambling. I really am super busy at


Shanna said...

LOL- can you imagine her face when/if her digusting carpet is delivered to her doorstep! That is pure evil! =)

Your bathroom plans sound great! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Good Luck!

Skinny Inside said...

I can only imagine the sugar in that "cheesecake"...I'm just saying...

Awesome news on the bathroom!

JC said...

YEA!!!! I'll look forward to seeing the remodel.

new*me said...

mmmmmm.....cheesecake :)

I love remodeling, painting, getting dirty! Fun stuff!

Cammy said...

Hey, I can make that recipe! Thanks! :)

Good luck with the remodel. Will you do pictures? Pleeeease?

carla said...

you hate yogurt??

I guess that's how surprised people must be/WHATS THERE TO HATE? when I say I loathe salad dressing :)

taste preferences are funny things huh?

Scale Junkie said...

I mix sf jello with yogurt too for fruity flavored "pie"

I'm SO not coming to your house if you're going to make me sniff the guest room LOL

YAY for the remodel! Surplus Sales in Hudson has great prices on stuff.

Make sure you take LOTS of photos of the nasty carpet and the damage and keep it for your records.