Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A super quick update

A quick is hectic here.

My house looks like a warzone. My bathroom is totally ripped out. My main bath that I am using right now is a mild warzone. I can use the shower in it, I am brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink and doing my hair in the bedroom.

Work is beyond hectic.

I finally found a yogurt I like..yay!!!! It is WW cheery cheesecake. 1 pt baby!

I am going to try to come and visit some of you today to catch up. I apologize, I have been super busy lately with the house, work and everything in between. I didn't weigh in this week but it looks like things are still going in the direction I need them to be....yay. I think the meds are helping!

Oh, and the BLC winners. I am still waiting on an item or two. I should have them in the next day or so. You should get your winnings by next week sometime!!!

Sorry for the rambling but a quick post!


new*me said...

Sounds rough! I love remodeling but hate the chaos. The yogurt sounds very yummy. Anything with the word cheesecake in it ;)

ptg said...

Oof....I remember what it's like to have the house torn up.

And I know I'm one of those people that owe you a picture...I didn't remember till you made this post! Argh! I promise I'll email tonight!

Felicia said...

Ugg I hate remodling. Next thing to be re done around here I am hiring out and then taking a vacation lol. Ok so I wish.

Have a great one!!


Stacy Cartwright said...

hope you get through the remodel ok!

I like the ww yogurt and the fiber one key lime pie :)