Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend News

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. It was an interesting weekend for me. Let's start with my weigh-in, shall we? I am at a whopping 280.2 lbs. That should put me at the top for being the highest gainer in my challenge. You know, that really isn't what I had in mind when I decided to do this...lol. It's ok,though. I'm moving on. I'm taking my meds, I am going back to the gym today, it's all good. Get your weights in so we can start talking about prizes!!

Now, onto the good stuff. Roommate is gone. History!!! What an ordeal that has been!!! She has had all month to move stuff. Whoever her new landlord is allowed her access to move her stuff during the month. You would think that you would move some of your things as you could so you didn't have to do it all at once, right? No. On Sunday, she started moving. Mind you, this means packing too. Then, she says to me "I am off on Tuesday, I can come clean then". I think I looked at her in shock. I said "XXXX, no it does't work that way. Today is your last day here, it needs to be done today. " That didn't go over well. Quite frankly, I didn't care. Don't clean, you don't get your security deposit..simple as that. So, instead she was there until 3a Monday morning moving/cleaning. Her idea of cleaning the carpet was to put an entire container of Pet Fresh carpet freshener down and vacuuming. Let's disguise the stench for a little while. Monday morning I get up and access the damages in the daylight. I need to hire a professional carpet cleaner and pray that the carpet comes clean. The carpet was new when she moved in. It it disgusting now. Now, the stench in the room is a mixture of stale body odor, dog odor and pet fresh. It is not a pleasant smell. The bathroom was never perfect so I could really care less about it as I am repainting, caulking, and all that other stuff in there anyway. It was so nice to be able to get up and just walk through the house naked (sorry for the visual...lol).

Now, onto the better stuff.... :)

Oh, where do I start 6-pack or F. I will leave 6-pack for the end..haha. F helped yesterday with picking up a vanity at Home Depot and we had lunch. It wasn't strained, so it was nice. Last night we talked and I told him that I have been doing some soul searching. Basically, that I will always care about him but I have come to the realization that we will never BE. He told me that he misses me but he knows he needs to close old chapters in his life to move on emotionally. He also told me that he knows that he is sometimes screwed up between the ears...hehe.

6pack..I don't even know where to begin. He wrote some more poems that were written for me about me. He has such an amazing way with words. I am anxiously awaiting his return. Of course, even when he gets back I won't be able to see him right away. *sigh He will have to go through all the evaluations, then he will be spending time with his family so it might be another two months.

His best friend emailed me over the weekend and told me that I scare the shit out of him...lol. She said not in a horror movie kind of way, but in the sense that I make him feel things he thought were dead inside. She also said that he told her that his writer's block is gone now and she attributes it to me. She thanked me. She said I might be the best thing to happen to him in a long time. That was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

So there's the juice of the day...


ptg said...

Your roommate was seriously *f'd* up. I am so incredibly happy and glad for you that she's gone! I hope now you can re-enjoy your own place - whether that be repainting, redecorating, reorganizing, replacing, or walking around naked. :o) (I have to admit I've never really done that, but now that the option is "gone" per se - it definitely makes a difference!)

As for F - I want to reach across the screen and just hug you silly. I'm glad you finally stood up for yourself and told him where you're at, and even more happy for you that you decided you're worth MORE than how he's been treating you. (I know you know this, but I am just proud!)

For 6pk...my original statement stands, I want a play by play when you do meet! LOL Have you told him that you're anxious about actually meeting him, since you've become so close via 'net?

OK, this turned out a lot longer than I thought...did you get my weigh-in via email? I will have access to a computer today till around 2pm, so email me and let me know!


Scale Junkie said...

So glad the roomie is gone. You know I have dogs and there is no excuse for the stench and filth and carpet fresh? That just puts a lot of gunk in the carpet. Honestly, you might be better off tiling the room. Surplus Sales has tile for .49 a square foot and up, it might end up being cheaper than cleaning the carpet and then the stench would be really gone because even cleaning the carpet, the stench will come back.

Sounds like you and F had a nice day but it sounds like 6p has potential, his friends comments about you made me smile :-)

QL girl said...

So glad to hear you're moving on in so many different areas of your life!! Definitely proud of you for saying what you did to F...you can't wait forever, and SO glad to hear that roommate is OUT! (Ugh, thats why I can't live with roommates...)

Anyway, I weighed in at 154.5....back there again, lol. I'm ok with it since I know I slacked big time last week. Its just reinforcing the lesson that eating out is no good!

Bummer about the 2 more months before seeing 6pack! Is he from the same area as you, or would there be extra travelling involved? (Just curious ;-) ) Anyway, what his friend said was sweet...I'd seriously be flattered if someone told me that.

Shanna said...

I am so happy for you for so many reasons!! Roommate's gone- yeah! Flirtfest with 6pack- yeah! Coming to your own decision about F- yeah! I am absolutely lovin' my daily "juice"! LOL

WI- down a measly 0.5 pounds; grand total: 185.5!


Hanlie said...

Loved the update! Life's too short not to walk around your own house naked...

new*me said...

thanks for the juicy update :)

Manuela said...

With all that good stuff, who cares about the gain? I know, you do but that will work itself out in time.

Oh I don't know how you lasted with that roommate. It sounds like it was a nasty time for you but at least she's gone. It's amazing how some people's minds work (or don't!)

It's that time of the month and of all the times for this to happen, I have to post a .5 gain. Don't know where that puts me in the challenge but that's okay because overall I had a lot of fun with it!

I still have goals that I want to accomplish for September and you can visit me at my blog for that update.

ptg said...

PS - I never heard from you, but my weigh-in was at 182.0.

nmburleson said...

This 6pack sounds wonderful! Sorry I missed the contest!