Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In, Challenges

I am down 1.2 lbs this week. Yay, for me! I will be updating our weight challenge as I receive updated. The exercise challenge update will be done on Tuesday mornings. Any late comers that submit their weekly results after I have updated will be credited to the following week's results. I am excited! I wonder how far we walked (I should say I wonder how far you guys carried me this week cuz not much physical activity for me).
My bathroom is almost totally complete so I will be showing off those pictures soon.
Despite the weekend being a bit rough with my mom going to the ER and poor A still stuck in Iraq, things are good. A is still there as of this morning. In fact, I have been talking to him all morning. The plane is broke. They have taken his room, his belongings, everything so now he is not only stuck there but he is homeless (in his words). The poor guy is literally going insane. He told me this morning, "they have to get me home, I'm going to start walking around with my #%%# in hand talking to it.....while slightly drooling on myself". I couldn't help, but laugh my ass off at him.

Oh, I went and saw Nights in Rodanthe and I have to tell you it pissed me off. I am not going to tell you about the movie in case you have plans on seeing it. All I can say is that it really pissed me off!


MaryFran said...

Ok, the only good thing about "A" they can't leave him without belongings or a place to we know that it is SOON!!!!!!

My weight this week (I'm embarrassed to say this....) 186.0
Exercise 285 minutes

new*me said...

not too excited about my weigh in......TOM at the moment! But, good or bad, I'll check in tomorrow. That movie looks so good.

Manuela said...

I may not be able to check in tomorrow so my exercise for the week is 29.4 miles (this includes just running, walking and biking).

Hope that everyone has fun with whatever challenge they are doing and congrats to you for the ongoing loss :)

Lynn said...

I'm down .2 this week. If you could that I forgot to change into my "light" shoes ;-)

Cammy said...

1.2 lbs is fantastic! Way to go!

ptg said...

Great job on the oss of 1.2!!! WOOHOO!

My W-I for the week is sucky. 181.0.

Jori said...

Didn't see my original info on your chart, but I'm sure you will get it on there.
This morning 165.2
Exercise - 2hours at gym, about 2 hours dancing at wedding!

Manuela said...

Oh, if you prefer--216 minutes :)

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Stacy Cartwright said...

good job on your weight loss, i on the other hand gained. so my weight this week is 172.6. next week will be better for me i just know it.

Poonie said...

My exercise for the week is 230 minutes or 3 hours 50. Mostly cycling with some elliptical and conditioning thrown in.

new*me said...

no loss this week due to TOM but no gain :) My exercise for the week was 240 min.

Ally said...

Hmm, so now I'm not sure if I should go see that movie. I'm thinking it may be a renter anyway....

Shanna said...

My late WI- Exactly the same 178.5 =(
Oh well, at least I didn't gain! Not a good start to the challenge, but I'll turn things around! =)