Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Challenge Updates

I had every intention when I woke up yesterday morning to go to my cardio salsa class after work. However, after work I just didn't have it in me. I talked myself out of going to the gym. Of course, this doesn't take a whole lot of talking. I went home, let the dog out and got on the computer and started playing my game. Around 5:20, I turned off my game, got up, walked into my room and put on my shorts, my gym shoes, and a tshirt and took my happy ass to the gym. I forced myself to get to the gym. I forced myself to do the cardio salsa class and I walked out 45 minutes later a sweaty mess and I felt good about it. Wait, good is not the right word. I felt awesome! Not only, did I talk myself into going after I had already talked myself out of going, which never happens, but I had a great workout (thought I was going to need a bodybag there for a little bit).

Anyway, only down .6 this week. I want more but I shouldn't be too upset considering Tom was around with Hungry and I ate things I shouldn't have. I am also still losing and the scale continues to go down every week since I started taking my new thyroid meds. I am just so anxious to get out of the 270s. I haven't been out of the 270s in about 5 years and so badly want out of them (and was only out of them because I had pnemonia)!!! I want to be less than 250 by Christmas. I might have to step up the exercise some more.

I will update the exercise and weight challenges later when there is more to report!


RunningNan said...

What thyroid meds were you given?

Manuela said...

Yay for the loss and most of all for pushing yourself to get to the gym.

I pushed myself into a run this morning and even though it rained!!! I made it and feel great (great but wet :)

Thinking Thin said...

I have been taking thryoid meds for several years but they have never been able to get it into the optimal range and they just upped it the end of August (soon after I started to see results on the scale). I am now at .2 I think..I have gone through the spectrum of colors :).

Andrea said...

WAY TO GO!! Now kick my @$$ in gear too - lol. Good job on the weight loss.

Amy S. said...

I'd like to see a pic of the little black dress! Woo hoo for rock in it! Way to go on getting into gear and pushing yourself. Now i need to find my motivation tonight. You are helping!

nmburleson said...

That is awesome! Talking yourself into going to the gym, after you talked yourself out of going, wow, that is impressive!!! That's progress. :)

Terra aka The Dark Lily said...

good for you

Liz said...

I am always trying to talk myself out of exercise....good job on talking yourself back into it. I try to ignore the voice when it wants me to be lazy, but I do feel great if I am able to talk myself back into it. Good job!

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