Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Challenge Updates

I had my belly dancing class again last night. Every time I think I am starting to get the hang of something, I am fooled..hehe. It's actually kind of funny I forget my left from my right, quite frequently. Last night the instructor tells me to watch myself in the mirror. I can't. How can I watch myself in the mirror and pay attention to what she is doing at the same time? I am addicted and I am going to learn this, if it kills me. It's so bad that when I get home I am walking across the house shimmying to practice. Now, if I start doing this at the office, someone must stop me!!!

I didn't update the challenges yesterday because I was hoping to get more updates but couldn't wait any longer. Both updates are done. Eliana is in the lead with our weight challenge. You go, girl. You are doing great! We started out at the same weight. I am going to have to see if I can kick it up a notch to catch up with you (not sure how, but it sounds good right?).

I thought I was doing good with the exercise challenge, but Andrea claims on her blog that she has been lazy lately (whatever) is leading with 830 total minutes of exercise over 3 weeks. Good job! I have increased my exercise each week but I am stil about 400 minutes shy of Andrea so if she has been lazy, I have been a sloth? Hmm, gonna have to pick that up a notch too!


QL girl said...

I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been forgetting to weigh myself sometimes, I'm eating junk again, and I forget to track my exercise. I'm at 153.0, which is a pound down from what I've been weighing lately, but I'm still 1.5lbs over where I was before I started going wild.

By the way, as for everyone else great job!

RunningNan said...

If you have been a sloth, then I am nothing! well, for September anyway. Unless you count eating ice cream as exercise!

Andrea said...

Biggest difference in our exercise right now? You are doing MUCH higher intensity to my little walking. Although, you've inspired me to check out what our rec ctr offers in classes. That's more inspiration than you know, since my weight has been the biggest reason I NEVER step foot in there, but I figure if you can suck it up & go - I could too.

new*me said...

sorry I am late! I am so behind due to flu last week in our family. I lost 2 lbs this week. New weight is 242~ I will try to get it to you sooner next week :)

Terra aka The Dark Lily said...

I wish we had a belly dancer teacher close to where I am but no such luck :-(

Poonie said...

Oh my gosh, I suck!! I totally forgot to send my updates for the last 2 weeks! My exercise challenge stats are:

10/6 - 75mins (slow week!)
10/13 - 230 mins (that's better!)

By the way, my blog for the chart is

We are doing pretty well, good job everyone.

Eliana said...

Hey girl get this - I RAN FOR A BUS today! Not gasping, wheezy, sweaty running, just racing down and jumping on and catching my breath in about half a second - enough to thank the driver instead of lying on the floor and demanding CPR. The exercise is paying off!

I have also noticed we are the same weight - you are so on for the challenge!

carla said...

ahhh life is one big comparison huh?

that's why Ive given up :) and do what I can and let it go.

(youd be surprised at the number of people who say I need to do more. who tell me I NEEEED to cross train. my thoughts? screw em :) I do what I can)


Thinking Thin said...

Life does tend to be a comparison but luckily when it comes to weight loss and exercise I do try to only use it as a motivator to make myself do better. If I look at myself lagging behind on the scale, I will only get frustrated. I have always been the slow loser but the friendly competition keeps me motivated.

MaryFran said...

I haven't forgotte about the challenge. I've been on vacation.

First day back and it doesn't look good 189.0 (I'm sure some of that is water retention as I drank pretty much NOTHING). Exercise for last week....280 minutes.