Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I apologize for not updating our exercise challenge but work is kicking my arse. All this week, I have been working 12-15 hour days. I am exhausted. I am afraid that this week might not be a good weigh in week either. I am not happy about it. I am going to try to do damage control over the weekend and get to the gym if I don't have to come into the office.

I will add our numbers that you guys reported this week to next week's totals for our exercise challenge. Again, I'm sorry. Don't flog me :P.

I wanted to leave you with some Halloween recipes seeing as today is Halloween but I don't even have time to really go find a good one *sigh.

Maybe later if things calm down.

Happy Halloween everyone. Step away from the candy!


Andrea said...

Sorry work is so crazy - hang in there. Don't worry about the update - next week is just fine! I'm with you about this being rough week. It's a good thing I've been getting to class most days this week because my eating has been out of control. I HATE TOM.

RunningNan said...

The week is almost over.. You can make it!

Man.. are we as bloggers all on the same TOM schedule?

new*me said...

love the Halloween pic! My stats from this week are -2 ....weight is 237 ;) and I posted 6 month progress pics today ;)

Terra aka The Dark Lily said...

happy halloween