Friday, October 3, 2008

Long drive to work has its benefits

I never thought there were any advantages to driving 23 miles one way to work. However, I am finding that there is one. I have the privilege of having 5 different YMCAs to choose from on my way home. Yes, I said FIVE! You know what that means?! I will have plenty of choices when it comes to the classes that I am deathly afraid to take. You are probably asking why I am deathly afraid or maybe you already know. I don't like to be the center of attention. I have always had this fear that people are watching me and they are saying to their buddies, "Hey, look at that fat chic". I think the reason why I have this fear is because as a child, they were saying it. I could hear them taunt me. It never goes away. So, over the years it has kept me from doing things that I have wanted to do in the fear that someone would be watching me thinking "OMG, look at the fat chic". Prior to this blog, I would have never said this to anyone. Granted, it's not like I am saying it out loud to my best friend but I am telling you. That's a start. Anyway, I have this horrible problem of getting sidetracked! Back to the Y. So, I have 5, yes FIVE Y's that are on my way home. Some are out of the way, but not so out of the way that it would be a problem to get to. My goal this month is to try the classes. I know that if I could just get over my inital fear to get into the class and go a few times, I would stick with it. It sure beats the treadmill. If I can make a fool of myself in the belly dancing class, I think I can almost withstand anything. This weekend, I am going to be going to the line dancing class which goes over all genres of music, that should be a lot of fun and may take the zumba class right after (two hours at the gym..woo hoo). I have printed out all of the schedules and circled the classes I want to try and if I end up going to all of them. I will be living in the gym If by chance I actually ended up doing all this, I will melt down to nothing in no time (or one could hope anyway) :) Mondays: Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Salsa Tuesdays: Belly dancing Wednesdays: Zumba Thursdays: Cardio Sculpt, Zumba Friday: Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, Dance Sculpt (hmm, scheduling conflicts here) Saturday: Horseback riding Sunday: Line dancing, Zumba


JC said...

Wow, five!! There is one in my area and it doesn't offer much. Lucky you. Overcome that fear and enjoy those classes.

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

Holy shiz, 5? My gym is right across the street and I stare out my window to check for when it isn't too crowded. I have that little voice in my head too thinking everyone is looking at me.

I like your class choices! My sister swears by Zumba. She NEVER works out but then all of a sudden she tried the class, and she is hooked! I just wish they would have it on the weekend or in the daytime so I can try it. Overcome those thoughts and get to one of those Ys!

Felicia said...

WOW sounds like you have a heck of a class plan there. YOU GO!!



new*me said...

sounds like some fun stuff going on all around you........too great NOT to take advantage of ;)

We have nothing in my small town except .....not even a gym :) Ahh.....the drawbacks of small town Kansas!

Rose said...

I take a belly dancing class every Wednesday. Its an amazing work out and it really does wonders to define my waist. Line dancing is a lot of fun to and awesoem for you legs.
Have fun!

nmburleson said...

I can relate to everything you said. I will say this, since I've been going to the gym regularly (the contest I was in gave points to go to the classes) I have met so many nice supportive people. How did I meet them, I started making eye contact and stopped looking down at the floor.

Take it from someone that has felt your pain, nothing but good can come of making your gym and those classes a priority. Try to meet some people. Now when I go to my gym it's my social place. I have phone numbers of 4 ladies that I have met from the gym and if you knew me personally you would know that I don't meet people easily and that is a HUGE deal!

Have fun in your classes! I can't wait to hear about the bellydancing and the line dance classes. As well as the cardio sculpt and cardio salsa. Those sound like sooo much fun!!!

ENJOY!!! :)