Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zigging instead of Zagging

I had to ask my boss the other day if I could come in late yesterday and work late. He didn't have a problem with it. He really doesn't care what I do. I am pretty close with my boss so I told him that I will be taking belly dancing classes on Tuesday evenings. He commented on
entertainment for the Christmas party. Great! Two margaritas in each hand, a slimmer body and belly dancing experience sounds like a deadly combination.

So, two co-workers (T & L) and I head to the belly dancing class last night. There are 8 of us besides the instructor. Most have been there a long time. One started the week before. T has been going for a couple of weeks so she had a bit of an advantage over L and I. All I can say is that I am glad that the class was not taped. There is no evidence! This was supposed to be a beginner's class but it seemed like we jumped right in. I want to learn how to move the hips first before I start moving across the room, moving them! How the heck do you shimmy? Then, we had to shimmy and walk. I couldn't even shimmy much less walk while shimmying. After the class I asked the instructor if there was a tape that we could get to learn the basics and she told me that we are in a beginner's class and that she didn't exactly follow that format last night. Gee, thanks! I almost wish I could see a tape simply because I know I looked like a complete bafoon! She was turning across the room (I have no idea what the correct term is) and I would end up facing the wrong direction. I should have zigged, when I should have zagged. It was a mess. I know the other girls were laughing at me, on the inside. I did order a belly dancing basics tape last night on Ebay...hehe.

I told F that I was taking classes, he wants a private showing. I told him to bring dollars :). He no longer gets the privilege of having free showings...hehe.

Oh, how could I forget! Last night at 10p , A (my 6pack...notice the "my") sent me a message (darn, it I missed it) that he was in the States and would be home at about `0:30 this morning. So, in about 2 hours, he will be about 30 minutes from me. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QL girl said...

Awesome! You're taking the class!

Wait, so let me make sure I understood right...the instructor doesn't break the movements down any further before having you zig and zag across the room? I've taken belly dance classes (even before starting up again this year) and I STILL can't shimmy and walk at the same time. Its not supposed to be easy! (I personally don't think thats a beginner move, but what do I know. hehe.) And don't worry...I don't think they were laughing, I'm sure they felt/looked just as goofy as you did, lol.

(I still haven't given the BF a private showing....I'm hoping to look and feel a bit less goofy while doing it first, lol)

RunningNan said...

Hey! did you mark me dead for the biggest loser challenge? LOL.. that was so long ago I forgot about it! I have a lot of catching up on your blog as well.

Did you try youtube for a video of belly dancing? just don't mix it up with youporn. That's the new site I learned about. oh boy. That's all I've got to say!

new*me said...

Yay!! So happy for you!

And proud of you for joining that awesome class! Talk about a fun way to workout!

Andrea said...

Belly dancing sounds fun - hope you enjoy it!!

Jori said...

Good for you on trying something new! I wanted to do a class like that, but ended up in Sensual Fitness instead.
I doubt anyone was laughing at you - I'm with GL Girl - I'm sure they were feeling just as lost as you were! In a few weeks time, you will start to feel more confident about it all. Anything new always takes time!

I posted my starting weight on the "Breaking News" blog, but I guess you were too excited at the time to notice!! lol 165.4

Big Girl said...

I am so excited for you about 6 pack!!! yeah!!!

ptg said...

Great idea on the belly dancing class - it's a great core workout! I could never do it myself, to be honest.

And YAY for 6pk being home.

And YAY for him being "your" 6pk. :o)

Crystal said...

That's awesome that you're taking a belly dancing class..although it's too bad the instructor isn't covering the basics with the newbies. I'm sure you'll catch on real soon.

Congrats on A being back home safe and sound! I bet you are super excited.