Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Job, Weight and A

Good morning everyone. My spirits are up, kind of. I am actually kind of ok over the job thing at the moment. Although tomorrow is my last day and I imagine parts of it will be very emotional for me, mostly because of the people. I am kind of hoping that I will find something soon, they won't want me to start until after the first of the year and I can take a month off, start a new job and get severance and get paid at the same time. Wouldn't that be nice? hehe. One can hope.

Things on the weight loss front...not so hot. Although, I am reporting a loss this week but still can't seem to get back to that 269 I saw briefly. Next week! While I am off work, in between sending resumes and doing interviews, I do plan on hitting the gym. This is my chance to really make a difference in my mind and body.

Today, I will be visiting you guys. I feel so bad for not coming around as of late. I also will be going back through the comments and updating the weights and minutes for the challenges so if you have your information and haven't submitted it, go ahead and I will update. Obviously, when this challenge is over I am going to take a break from hosting any for awhile until my life settles down a bit.

My head is still in this, it's just not 100% into it...I need to get it back there. It starts now :)

In other news..you know the man front....because I know you all just want to hear about A and if there has been any progress. No, there hasn't..hehe. Although, over the weekend he almost came out and met with a friend of mine and I. Almost.... He's cracking under the pressure I think. So, he sends me a message the other night. We stayed up and talked until 5:30a, basically until neither of us could keep our eyes open any longer. He told me to listen to the lyrics of this song. What are your thoughts? I am hooked on this song now, by the way. Diana has already given me her thoughts (thanks, Diana).


Amy S. said...

Wow, that is intense. How would you be expected to react from that. Honored, scared, a crazy mix of emotions. Yikes. I think I'd just roll with the flow.Good luck!

Hanlie said...

Nice song! I'm not sure what to think... obviously he has feelings for you... but one has to wonder what's holding him back.

Good luck with the job search! I hope you get something that starts in January, so that you can get your month off!

elife said...

Beautiful song. He is definitely a romantic...but you guys need to meet asap. He's definitely building up something in his head. He needs to meet your wonderful self!

I'm glad you're feeling better about the job situation. Time off is a wonderful thing!

Scale Junkie said...

Unemployment has its benefits...it gives you time to hang out with me once in a while...I know, it doesn't pay the bills, hopefully you'll find something soon and yes its going to be an emotional day tomorrow.

KK said...

Wow, you have lots going on. Good luck with the search and have a great Thanksgiving!

Liz said...

Have a good thanksgiving and hopefully everything will work out just fine :)

Cammy said...

I'm certain that this job loss is going to turn into one ginormous opportunity for something better for you! A nice long holiday vacation is a good start!