Monday, November 10, 2008

Maximize your Metabolism

I haven't had much to report lately. I am just plugging along and still working crazy hours so I haven't even had a chance to come visit any of you. This morning I found an article on how to maximize your metabolism. This article was out of Parade by Sara Reistad-Long(have to give credit, ya know). Some of the tips are things that we really already know but we don't necessarily follow consistently.

1. Choose foods wisely. Some foods block the metabolic process, others facilitate it. Sugar and carbs spike your insulin levels. Since your muscles can take in only so much energy at a time, most of what you have eaten will be stored as fat. One reason that alcohol can cause weight gain is that the body processes it first, which slows down fat burning. Rest also plays a role here. When your body is sleep deprived, it produces mass quantities of grehlin, the hunger hormone, driving you to crave more sugar and more carbs. One way to modify the insulin response is to eat more fiber. Fiber can slow the entrance of glucose into the bloodstream.

Hmm, guess that would be why the scale looks worse after my drinking this weekend then before...hehe. Not giving my official weigh in until tomorrow.

2. Pace your meals according to your body's natural rhythm. Having a good breakfast is critical. Fuel that meal with protein (think yogurt and eggs) and not only will you stay full longer- protein takes 25% more time to digest than other foods - but you'll also increase post-meal calorie burn by as much as 35%. Then, since you are most active at midday, make lunch your biggest meal

3. Train in intervals, and focus on building muscle. Researchers found that short, intense bursts of exercise resulted in considerably more fat loss than sustained activity. When you exercise this way, your mitochondria, the little engines in your cells that burn calories, run hotter all day. Strength training also very important. Muscles are your biggest metabolic engine. The more of them you build, the more calories will be directed to keeping them strong.

4. Fight inflammation. Experts are starting to point to inflammation as an influence on metabolism. Inflammation is simply the body's immune response, activated during illness, allergic reaction or when too much glucose, fat or carbs enter the system. Then the inflammatory response switches on, a group of receptors located on the fat and liver cells activate and start redirecting energy toward storage, rather than use. Until the body determines the "crisis" is over, the metabolism will slow down and more calories will go to fat cells.

Interesting. Inflammation is my major symptom with my Lupus. Just another reason to keep my stress levels to a minimum and to get enough sleep.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the article. Sorry you are still working so much. I know that makes it hard to be motivated to do anything, but you've been doing great.

On the challenge front: Weight=209.5 & Exercise=305 min.

Scale Junkie said...

Thanks for the article! I hope this week slows down to human level for you!

RunningNan said...

Thanks! I hope things slow down soon for you!

HollyALP said...

Great article. I hope you get more me time in soon!

Katschi said...

Interesting article...thanks for posting it.
I'm eating ALOT less carbs & feel much better for it.

Bunny Trails said...

Thanks for the great article! Your stats are amazing!

I can totally understand how overworking impacts EVERYTHING - esp. your motivation to work out. I am right there with you! UGH! This too shall pass, right?? I hope things slow down for you SOON!

carla said...

the inflammation thing is really interesting to me as well...


Jori said...

Haven't had a chance to read your updates, but know I have to give my stats.
Weight - ugh. 163
Exercise - 2.5 hours

Looking forward to catching up with you soon

Cammy said...

Oooh, I like this list! Especially #3.

Good luck with getting those crazy hours under control.

SuperDave said...

Wow , good info. Anything to keep the weight coming off..