Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I have been MIA...

I have been in my own little world for a long time now. I haven't had much desire to be blogging although I do miss checking up on you guys. I apologize and even though I'm not checking up on you and leaving you messages, I do think about you. For the past several days, I've been sick. Not sick, in having a cold. Actually, I'm really not sure what is wrong. I have had chest pain for five days. Saturday night I had a fever of 102 and decided that Sunday morning I would go to the urgent care clinic. Sunday morning I woke up and the fever was pretty much gone but felt nauseous and ended up getting sick, all of which are not good signs. I went to the clinic and the doctor (which I have to tell you about) did chest X-rays and an EKG. The chest X-rays came back ok but the EKG showed some irregularities. I know nothing about EKGs but it had some dips where I guess there shouldn't have been. He was concerned because of me having Lupus. Now, before I go any further I have to tell you about this doctor. I felt like crap. I looked like hell...literally. I did nothing with my hair, no makeup, crappy clothes on...I didn't care when I left the house. Of course, I should have. This doctor was fine. He was 36, had four degrees, was thinking about going back to school for law, I could go on and on. So, I knew I had to have the EKG and if he was going to be doing it I was going to tell him that he was going to have to take me out on a date first before he could see my breasts....lol but luckily it was the nurse. I did tell her. I'm sure she ended up telling him I said that.

So anyway, because of the EKG he was really concerned about me and didn't even want me to drive myself to the emergency room. I did drive myself to the emergency room. I get to the ER and was immediately brought in. I was shocked. They did chest Xrays again and another EKG and a bunch of blood work. They hooked me up to heart monitors, oxygen and an IV. The Dr came by at one point asked what the problem was and I told him and I never saw him again. All I found out was that my chest xrays were clear, lungs were clear, no heart attack, heart looked good, oxygen levels looked good, I wasn't pregnant (duh!), I still had an irregular EKG and I had chest pain. My prognosis was that I had chest pain. They don't know why. They don't know if it will go away. They don't know what's causing it but I can go home. How's that for a $4800 hospital bill, not including the doctor's fee (for the whole 2 minutes he spent with me). I will be interested to see what his fee will be.

I can't get in to see my doctor right now because now I am in between insurance because apparently my insurance stopped Feb 7th and I haven't gotten my Cobra paperwork yet. I had to pay $500 on Sunday between the urgent care and ER and I just can't put out anymore money at this point without having a paycheck yet....lol. No wonder I'm having chest pains. I am feeling a little bit better but still not 100%. The bright side is that I am down to 267. I haven't really been trying much and obviously I haven't been working out.

Once, I have some structure in my life again I will be back. Right now, it's just so difficult. I need structure. I miss structure (I think). Just know, I haven't forgotten you guys. I think about all of ya and hope you're doing well. I will be harassing all of you soon enough :).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Employed!!!

The Director called me this morning and offered me the minimum that I had asked for and I accepted. I don't know when my start date is but will have to go through a background check, physical and orientation. So now, I can actually enjoy my time off. I have a job!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Verdict is in...

Well, I went there yesterday and was offered the position. I'm not dancing on tables. The first offer was pitiful to say the least. Many would say I should accept it because it's a job. However, it is 78 miles away (one way) and it would make it extremely difficult to look for another job. They offered an additional $3000 a year and still was not enough. The salary that they are offering is $38k below what the median income is for this position. Now, I wasn't asking for what the median was, not even close. I found out the benefit package isn't all that great. There are no paid holidays, you have to use alloted time they give you to take off the holidays, which really leaves no vacation time. Ughh. The job, would however, give me unbelievable experience for my future. So, you see how I am torn? Last night, I was ready to decline the job and my parents even supported my decision. This morning I called the IT director and told him that I was a bit disappointed in what was offered, that I appreciated the opportunity but unfortunately at the salary they were offering I was going to have to turn it down. He told me that he was actually meeting with his boss today to talk about the position. I told him the minimum I would take and he told me that he would get back to me this afternoon.

So, I was offered the job. I declined the job and now I am waiting to hear again. I feel like I am at a used car lot.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still waiting...

You were expecting news, weren't you? Well, not quite. I drove the 70 miles on Friday to see HR and was waiting for the phone call to tell me the exact time. The recruiter calls me around 10:30 and tells me that she is sorry but HR couldn't meet with me that day. *sigh. She still legally can't tell me anything but what she did tell me is that this HR interview should have already happened and we are kind of in backtrack mode. Once I interview with HR, it will take 5-10 days for a background check and I will need to have a physical. I hate physicals and of course, I have no idea of how in depth this physical is. From what she told me, I am pretty sure that they are offering me the position and that the HR interview is now just a formality to meet protocol. So tomorrow, is the HR interview. I should know tomorrow! Of course, I know I have said that numerous times already..hehe. However, I do believe tomorrow is the day....FINALLY!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Waiting is almost over....

Well, I was supposed to find out today about THE job and I didn't get an offer. However, from the crypic talk I had with the recruiter it's all looking good. I have been asked to go to the HR department tomorrow and then afterwards go speak with the IT director. Apparently, he just found out today that HR had to be involved in the process. Protocol is causing the delay. So, it appears that I will probably get an offer tomorrow. I don't really know what HR has in store for me so....

On another note, I did meet someone yesterday. His name is S. I'm not sure exactly how I feel towards him yet. He kind of gave me a hard time yesterday over something stupid and not sure I like that. Anyway, the pictures I saw of him were very nice, a little misleading but not horribly. I'm sure people have said the same about me too. The one problem I did have is he was a little too touchy feely with me an hour or two into our meeting. So, not sure how I feel about it just yet. Time will tell and quite honestly I don't really care either way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still waiting...

Friday came and went and no phone call other than from their recruiter. Maybe Monday, she says. Monday has come and gone and still no answer. The recruiter did call me Monday and tell me that she spoke with the IT Director and he told her that he is comfortable with me and thinks that I can do the job but he has to consider the other candidates. He also told her that he has to meet with his team this week and mull it over with them and for her to call him on Thursday. So I wait...

Today, I am off to see the doctor to get all my prescriptions refilled. Thursday I am off to see the dentist to get my teefers cleaned. Now, I need to make an eye appointment. Insurance will be gone soon. Severance will be gone soon. *sigh

So here's hoping for good news on Thursday or for the 500 other jobs I have applied for in the past two months.