Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Job

Today was the 3rd day of the new job. The first two days was all orientation and most didn't apply to me, it was more clinical. Although, even though it was clinical it was still interesting and I learned a great deal. Today, I sat with a few from my new department and a software vendor for a demo. I really hope I'm not in over my head. It's my number one fear. I do know that I will not be able to update my blog as much as I used to (many moons ago) as a couple nights a week I will be spending at my mom's (and she always wants to know what I am typing on the computer) and there won't be any personal stuff going on at the computer at work. I will probably be updating my blog about once a week with any new updates on weight, etc. It's time to get back to what this blog is supposed to be about. I am changing my weigh in days to Wednesdays because I should be sleeping in my own bed Tuesday nights (YAY!). I do have some pretty good news about the job though. I get 50% off in the cafeteria and there is a salad bar. Guess how much my lunch has cost me the past couple of days? The first day I had salad bar with a drink and the salad is weighed (.20 per ounce). Lunch was a whopping $2.07! Yesterday, I had a stuffed chicken breast with au gratin potatoes and some zucchini and a drink for $3.23. Today, I had ham and some fried okra and a drink for $2.57! I can't bring my lunch for that price. The portions are perfect for watching your weight. I'm also getting exercise because I have to park like 3-4 blocks away because I can't ever find parking so this job might actually be good for my health in several ways! YAY!

I just really, really hope I'm not in over my head. Once I have adjusted to this getting up at the ass crack of dawn again and I'm not so exhausted at 7p, I'm going to spend an evening to catch up on all of you. I want to know what's going on in your lives!!!!


Manuela said...

Good luck--I'm sure you'll do great!

carla said...

youre not.
the best gift my mom gave me (ok one :)) was that every job sucked the first week.
not in a bad way but in the WHERE IS THE BATHROOM way.
even jobs I/one adored by week 2.

hang in there----

ptg said...

You're doing great - remember, they wouldn't have hired you if they thought you weren't capable of it, and you beat out a LOT of other people as well. And as MizFit said - all jobs will suck the first week. Everyone is feeling their way around and trying to figure you out, and you them. It's gonna be tough.

But hang in there - you're gonna be a rock star, I know it!

Bunny Trails said...

I've been mia for a while so I didn't know you had found a new job. CONGRATS!! That's amazing!! It's obvious what a smart woman you are - you will be fine!!

Your cafeteria sounds fantastic. I'm a little jealous :) Built in exercise and cheap/healthy food - totally cool. Hang in there - you will rock this job!

Big Girl said...

sounds like there's lots of great aspects to this new job. and don't worry, about being over your head. think of it as challenge to learn more. good luck and i'll be waiting to see updates from you!

Liz said...

Congrats! I hope you enjoy it...and those lunch prices are awesome! :)

Natalia said...

Wow those prices are great! The job will get better! You're going to do great!

new*me said...

wow....can't beat those prices ;) Sounds like your new job looks to be very promising! Good luck with adjusting to getting up :) It takes time, that's for sure!

Expert Fitness Staff said...

Good luck with your new job.

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yogesh said...

Think of it as challenge to learn more. good luck and i'll be waiting to see updates from you!

autumn said...

good luck with the new job

cwalker3 said...

Sounds like you have all the tools to really lose weight and keep it off. As long as you stick too the more healthier meals for lunch and continue that for dinner you should be great.

Mary Jameson said...

I agree. The fact that they hired you means that you were the best for the job. As for losing weight, you should have seen me at 240 lbs - a Quantity Surveyor- stumbling over everything on site. I wanted to lose weight and I put my mind to it and did it - ok, I had a bit of help with the system my cousin showed me but what the heck - the end justifies the means, right? I'm now 130 lbs or thereabouts..stable ..
So keep at it and you'll achieve your goals...
Read my blog..

Best wishes and good luck,

Manuela said...



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Keep working.
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